$200 Freeroll on Fanduel

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If your team scores more fantasy points than your opponent(s), you win! Each player has a salary, and you only have $60k to spend. You must pick the following positions: QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, WR, TE,

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If you're into fantasy football, you're going to be blown away by FanDuel - where fantasy football leagues last just one week. AND you can play for real money. With instant cash payouts and a brand new team every single week of the season, FanDuel takes fantasy football fun to a whole new level.

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Title - Fantasy Knuckleheads $200 NFL Freeroll
Date - Sunday, September 30th
Buyin - $0
Prizepool - $200

1. Simply CLICK HERE to sign up for an account at FanDuel.
2. Pick you team within the $60k salary cap. Consisting of QB, 2xRB, 3xWR, TE, K and D.
3. Watch the live scoring on FanDuel during the games and see how your picks perform.

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So how is FanDuel different from your regular fantasy football league?

o These are salary cap leagues that last only one week
o You get instant cash payouts every Monday
o You don't have to rely on your buddies - you can pick new opponents every week
o You can play for free, but playing for real money - for up to $10,000+ in prizes per game ? takes the fantasy football excitement off the charts!

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Good Luck!

p.s. FanDuel is 100% legal in the US and Canada, based in New York, and if you want to play with real money you can deposit and withdraw using PayPal and all major credit cards.