2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfielders

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No player will enter next season with as much talent and upside, at such a young age, as Mike Trout and he will undoubtedly be one of the first few players chosen in all fantasy drafts.

This category is one of the most highly contested due to large pool of players in which you have to pick from.  So, there is always an argument or twenty along the way.  There are more five-category players here than there are at any other position, keeping in mind that there are also plenty more single-category stat stuffers to go around as well.

This brings about draft strategy.  Please have one.  There are many different ways to attack your draft, none of which are necessarily wrong.  The one thing that you can control is what you know going into the draft.  So do your homework and let us help you along the way.

If you solely focus on drafting studs for all three (3) of the outfield positions, you will more than likely lose out on opportunities at other positions.  But, keep in mind that you will be able to provide help in more categories from this position than from any other single position in baseball.  The 2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings: Outfielders should help you decide who to build your team around.  Remember value is the key to winning.

Changes you’ll want to keep an eye on:

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  • Josh Hamilton will remain in the AL West, but leaves the hitter-friendly Ballpark in Arlington in favor of the sunny beaches of Anaheim to form arguably one of the best hitting trios in Major League Baseball history (Trout, Hamilton & Pujols).  He is a bit of an injury risk at age 31, but if you want first-round potential with a second-round pick, he is your man.
  • Justin Upton, the suspense is over, and after months of speculation, the Diamondbacks finally unloaded their star outfielder to the Atlanta Braves as part of 7-man swap.  Look for him to rebound nicely in this lineup and produce well enough to land him around the Top 20 outfielders with the high probability of becoming a 20-20 guy again.
  • Michael Morse will open next season as a Seattle Mariner and join Kendrys Morales, Kyle Seager, Justin Smoak, Rual Ibanez and Jesus Montero to form a nice collection of power bats in a lineup that left a lot to be desired last season.  Injuries limited Morse to just 102 games last season, however he still hit .291 with 18 home runs and 62 games.  Morse should have an everyday job with the Mariners, and should be worth a mid-to-late round pick in most fantasy formats on draft day.
  • Giancarlo Stanton is a bona fide superstar without anyone to play alongside him.  The Miami Marlins have completely blown up their roster......please see their depth chart and try not to laugh.   While Stanton's fantasy fortunes would likely improve if he were traded to a team with a better offense, he can still be considered among the top 10 outfielders in any fantasy format.
  • Jose Bautista suddenly has a stacked lineup all around him, with table-setters like Jose Reyes and Melky Cabrera in front of him.  Bautista, 32, still has a ton of power in his bat, but there should be some worry that he might be a little tentative with the big swings in 2013, considering his wrist injury came on a swing, not by getting hit by a pitch or diving for a ball in the field.  Still all that aside, due to his production the past few seasons, he should be a first-round pick in most drafts this spring.
  • Corey Hart underwent knee surgery in mid-January, so he is going to likely miss the first four (4) to six (6) weeks of the season.  If he is available in the later rounds of your draft, take a gamble.  At the very least, pay close attention to the waiver wire if he goes undrafted.
  • Nick Swisher will be singing “Cleveland Rocks” after signing a 4-year deal worth at least $56 million dollars with the Indians.  Cha-ching.  He is also going to probably hit cleanup on this team with three relatively speedy hitters ahead of him.  Swisher has never struggled in the power category, averaging 25 homers over the past three seasons.
  • Shane Victorino, The Flyin' Hawaiian, was brought in by the Boston Red Sox to most likely bat second behind lead-off man Jacoby Ellsbury, and ahead of Dustin Pedroia, making it one of the better spots to hit in baseball.
  • Alfonso Soriano and Vernon Wells are among several outfielders who could possibly be dealt before spring training.  The Cubs are on record stating they are willing to eat some of Soriano's remaining contract (2-years, $36MM) and the Angels realize that with Trout, Bourjos, Hamilton and Trumbo, there is no spot for Wells.
  • Michael Bourn is still looking for a place to sign, with the Orioles seeming to have the most interest.  Some other teams mentioned were the Rangers, Giants and Reds.  All contending teams.  Any of those possible landing scenarios would be good for Bourn’s fantasy owners.  B.J. Upton will replace Bourn in center field in Atlanta.


Here are the Top 100 outfielders:

Updated 2/27/2013

Rank Player Team Score
1 Braun,Ryan MIL 140.31
2 Trout,Mike LAA 130.68
3 Kemp,Matt LA 125.40
4 Gonzalez,Carlos COL 116.80
5 McCutchen,Andrew PIT 110.84
6 Stanton,Giancarlo MIA 106.69
7 Upton,B.J. ATL 105.37
8 Victorino,Shane BOS 101.36
9 Bourn,Michael CLE 100.78
10 Gomez,Carlos MIL 99.22
11 Cespedes,Yoenis OAK 97.91
12 Ellsbury,Jacoby BOS 97.79
13 Harper,Bryce WAS 96.58
14 Jones,Adam BAL 96.38
15 Rios,Alex CHW 96.07
16 Bruce,Jay CIN 94.53
17 Upton,Justin ATL 92.47
18 Heyward,Jason ATL 90.73
19 Gardner,Brett NYY 88.37
20 Jennings,Desmond TAM 88.27
21 Gonzalez,Adrian LA 87.38
22 Cabrera,Melky TOR 87.04
23 Holliday,Matt STL 86.76
24 Craig,Allen STL 86.56
25 Bautista,Jose TOR 86.45
26 Crawford,Carl LA 85.66
27 Crisp,Coco OAK 85.14
28 Maybin,Cameron SD 83.48
29 Jackson,Austin DET 83.11
30 Choo,Shin-Soo CIN 82.44
31 Willingham,Josh MIN 82.27
32 Pagan,Angel SF 82.26
33 Pierre,Juan MIA 81.58
34 Bonifacio,Emilio TOR 81.01
35 Hunter,Torii DET 79.49
36 Gordon,Alex KC 78.78
37 Markakis,Nick BAL 77.42
38 Pence,Hunter SF 76.61
39 De Aza,Alejandro CHW 76.35
40 Zobrist,Ben TAM 76.31
41 Prado,Martin ARI 76.22
42 Aoki,Norichika MIL 75.94
43 Revere,Ben PHI 75.72
44 Davis,Chris BAL 74.34
45 Cruz,Nelson TEX 73.99
46 Hamilton,Josh LAA 73.55
47 Morse,Michael SEA 73.11
48 Venable,Will SD 72.74
49 Hart,Corey MIL 72.69
50 Werth,Jayson WAS 72.67
51 Murphy,David TEX 72.14
52 Trumbo,Mark LAA 70.86
53 Fowler,Dexter COL 70.84
54 Suzuki,Ichiro NYY 69.95
55 Soriano,Alfonso CHC 69.86
56 Granderson,Curtis NYY 68.86
57 Cuddyer,Michael COL 67.82
58 Marte,Starling PIT 67.64
59 Stubbs,Drew CLE 67.63
60 Ethier,Andre LA 67.29
61 Beltran,Carlos STL 66.85
62 Mastroianni,Darin MIN 64.40
63 Dirks,Andy DET 63.75
64 Jay,Jon STL 63.45
65 Reddick,Josh OAK 62.96
66 Cain,Lorenzo KC 62.87
67 Swisher,Nick CLE 62.45
68 Eaton,Adam ARI 62.19
69 Span,Denard WAS 61.52
70 Jones,Garrett PIT 61.46
71 Viciedo,Dayan CHW 61.38
72 Maxwell,Justin HOU 61.22
73 Ludwick,Ryan CIN 60.74
74 Kubel,Jason ARI 59.97
75 Martin,Leonys TEX 59.82
76 Ruggiano,Justin MIA 59.08
77 Saunders,Michael SEA 58.71
78 Joyce,Matt TAM 57.85
79 Brantley,Michael CLE 56.75
80 Rasmus,Colby TOR 56.57
81 Quentin,Carlos SD 55.52
82 Doumit,Ryan MIN 55.02
83 Young Jr.,Eric COL 54.09
84 Colvin,Tyler COL 52.50
85 Snider,Travis PIT 51.81
86 Hicks,Aaron MIN 51.46
87 Young,Chris OAK 49.46
88 Ross,Cody ARI 49.21
89 Francoeur,Jeff KC 48.79
90 Bourjos,Peter LAA 47.94
91 Dyson,Jarrod KC 47.53
92 DeJesus,David CHC 47.38
93 Reimold,Nolan BAL 47.12
94 Parra,Gerardo ARI 46.44
95 Davis,Rajai TOR 44.19
96 Morrison,Logan MIA 44.04
97 Mayberry,John PHI 43.76
98 Gomes,Jonny BOS 40.11
99 Hairston,Scott CHC 37.79
100 Denorfia,Chris SD 37.44

Please see the original Fantasy Baseball article which helps explain the rankings system.



  1. Phatboy71

    January 26, 2013 at 5:10 pm

    Wow,Alex Gordon at 48……any reason for the low rank?

    • Magic

      January 27, 2013 at 1:21 pm


      Speedsters such as Crisp and Revere are wayyy too high while players like A Jax are at 40 despite a .300/.856 103 r, 10 3B, 16 HR all while missing a month.

      • Matt Eastman

        January 29, 2013 at 2:03 pm

        Austin Jackson strikes out entirely too much to be valued any higher. If he could get his steals up over 20, his value would begin to rise. Look for him to closer to .270 next season.

    • Matt Eastman

      January 29, 2013 at 1:58 pm

      Again, these rankings are based upon value. Most projections have Gordon hitting around .275, 15 HR, 85 RBI and around 10 SB. Solid numbers, and I not recommending you do not draft him….but do not overpay for him. He is “solid” across the board, but does not stuff one or two categories particularly well. A guy like Carlos Gomez will be sitting there much later in the draft, but provide just as much or more value than Gordon based upon your teams needs.

  2. Larry

    January 29, 2013 at 8:40 pm

    Obviously steals are considered premium. These ranks are heavily favored towards speedsters

  3. Magic

    February 2, 2013 at 2:44 pm

    I appreciate the time and effort it takes to compile an extensive list. And as you mentioned in the opening of the article, there is much room for debate at this position. Overall, I love the top 10 with the lone exception of Granderson maybe being a bit high citing his woeful second half, fading wRC+ and rising K rate breaching 30%. Just a couple of questions elsewhere…

    From a straight rankings standpoint, I understand getting SB contributions from MI/OF is important, but Gardner, Crisp, Revere are all ahead of Heyward while being complete or near 0’s in HR/RBI and OPS which many 5 x 5 leagues have swapped out with AVG. If your basing these rankings off of relative value and not actual value, how would I use this list to determine when to sit back for Garnder or Revere instead of drafting Bourn or Ellsbury?


  4. Andy

    March 8, 2013 at 10:53 pm

    “[Jose Bautista] should be a first-round pick in most drafts this spring”

    “25 Bautista,Jose TOR 86.45″

    Super inconsistent rankings here. Bautista should be in the top 7 OFs at least.