2013 NFL Combine’s Fastest WRs, Top 40 Time

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One of the biggest misconceptions of this year's 2013 NFL combine is the notion that there isn't/wasn't a lot of speed from the WR class. Well after 5 NFL draft prospects finished below a 4.40 time, that conception was pretty much dissolved into misconception.

Today I'd like to take a look at the Top 10 prospects coming from the 2013 combine, where they finished and discuss each one a little bit.

A lot of the receivers bring unique traits to the table, as well as, a few red flags. Ultimately, however, I believe each of these players can contribute at the next level, assuming they wind up in the proper foster care.

Expect to see quick run at a few WRs early in this draft before what could be a frenzied shop-a-thon by the third round.

Let's take a look and keep in mind that Cal's Keenan Allen did not participate in the 2013 NFL combine due to injury.

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