2013 NFL Draft: History Of The No. 33 Pick

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Right now is considered "down time" in the NFL. With the 2013 NFL Draft still several weeks away, teams have been trimming the fat and restructuring contracts to save some cap space and to better prepare their draft boards to fill those holes left currently unfilled by former starters. The Falcons' search for a new starting running back after the release of Michael Turner is a prime example.

When it comes to the draft, most of the information that comes out is all about the first round. From the Chiefs to the Ravens, we have been and will continue to be inundated with Mel Kiper mocks and NFL Network analysis of the top 32 picks.

But what about the second round? Mainly pick No. 33?

While it doesn't get the recognition that the first round gets, the second round of the draft is still just as important. Most draftnicks consider the first few picks just as valuable as the 31st and the 32nd pick of the first. Especially pick 33.

With the Jaguars next up as the holder of good ole No. 33, lets take a look at the past 10 years and see how each player picked at this spot fared at the pro level. As you'll see, the NFC West dominated with 6 total picks.