2013 NFL Free Agency: Top 5 TE Free Agents

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The 2013 NFL Free Agency extravaganza is inching closer and closer and we’ve been taking a look at the Top 5 position players in this year’s free agency market.

Today it’s time to take a quick view at the Tight End position.

If you missed the other positions don’t worry I have you covered below, just follow the links.

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We have a few interesting stories within the Top 5 today. One player with an undecided future, two players who are bound to draw heavy interest as potential impact players elsewhere, a one-year acquisition who exploded and still wasn’t guaranteed a job and a true wildcard with a very high ceiling.

And that’s just the Top 5!

Side Note: These players will be listed in a “rank” style based on a combination of overall potential and market popularity.

Ready to take a look?




Tony Gonzalez ATL We still don’t know yet whether or not the immortal Gonzo will retire, return or renew elsewhere, but what we do know is he is the absolute cream of the TE crop. The Atlanta Falcons have been very relaxed with Gonzo as they await his decision—up until now that is. Atlanta wants Gonzalez to make a decision BEFORE the open market swings into full gear and rightfully so since it will only help the team decide which avenue to explore. Gonzo does, however, hold every chip should he choose to stay.
Dustin Keller NYJ It’s amazing that the Jets still have yet to even contact Keller about his future, but then again, it’s the Jets. In my personal opinion I believe Keller could do better elsewhere if the right team comes-a-knockin. There are at least nine teams in the hunt for a TE, so it isn’t as if there is a lack of options. Keller says he wants to stay, but   also reaffirms that he is OK with leaving. His future is very much up in the air right now.
Jared Cook TEN Alright, now things get interesting. Cook hasn’t had that great of a career as a Titan, but then again, the Titans have been poorly managed during his time and they have had just average QBs throwing to the kid. Cook is a 6’5” beast from South Carolina and he is viewed as a VERY underrated TE. The going rumor is Cook is seeking more than $6 million in negotiations and if the Titans aren’t willing to pay it, Philadelphia and Chicago would be.
Martellus Bennett NYG Now here’s a situation I can’t understand. Many of us felt that the Giants were taking a safe route with the one-year deal they gave to Bennett last season. He responded with a breakout year (55/626/5). There ya go. Everybody is happy, so resign the guy, right? Nope! The Giants have already said they will not engage in a bidding war for Bennett and they have also disclosed they have their eye on an under-the-radar TE in the draft—the individual is UNdisclosed. The Giants do want Bennett to return and they are doing their best to make that happen, but it’s expected that Tampa Bay could wind up whisking him away. I hope NY knows what they’re doing, because Bear Pascoe is the current backup.
Delanie Walker SF Delanie Walker is thought of as in intriguing free agent despite putting up pedestrian numbers as the perpetual backup to Vernon Davis. Still, Walker’s main attraction could be his versatility as a pass-catcher0151albeit not that great of one—a solid blocker and a solid special teamer. There is rumor that San Francisco could slap him with a franchise tag, but I personally think that would be a very expensive move. Until we know more it appears Walker’s future is somewhat up in the air, but his chances of staying in SF aren’t as bad as previously conceived.


Odd Man Out at “Number 6”:

Fred Davis, WSH: It is believed that Fred Davis will be re-signed and it is further believed the Redskins view him as their starting TE, but this news “come from” fellow TE Logan Paulsen who was recently signed AHEAD of Davis—as per Rich Campbell on Twitter.

It’s worth mentioning that Paulsen was retained for his value in the run game, but it is also noteworthy to speculate whether or not Washington trusts Davis after tearing his Achilles tendon.



  1. Greg Brosh

    March 10, 2013 at 10:14 am

    With guys like Cook and Keller available, the Falcons should have pressed Gonzo a little bit more in his decision. Even Walker is athletically gifted enough to thrive in that offense.

    I’d hate to think of Gonzo “Favre”ing the team, but it sounds like it. Although since they’ve made no indications that they want an answer in the next 2 days, it sounds like they think he will come back.

    • Ray Tannock

      March 10, 2013 at 10:34 am

      Ya know what, you’re right. I can understand it being a difficult thing to decide, but the longer he waits the more the team suffers, and that isn’t fair.

      Hopefully he does the right thing before it’s too late.