5 Fantasy Football Wide Receivers You’ll Wish You Didn’t Draft In 2012

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Every year we see a growing number of new faces at the wide receiver position who put up surprisingly high stats in Fantasy Football. Whether it be from a rookie, or from a 5-year journeyman, there is always going to be a few receivers who go undrafted in your Fantasy Football Drafts that will make a name for themselves. But what about those guys who should be avoided? Below are a few guys who I won't be taking this year. When it comes to receivers, it's always good to keep saying to yourself JUST BECAUSE HE STARTS, IT DOESN'T MAKE HIM FANTASY WORTHY!!!

The Seahawks may have upgraded their quarterback position, but I still don't trust Sidney Rice enough to draft him this year.

1. Randy Moss (San Francisco 49ers) - Randy Moss gets much love in the fantasy football world because, well, he's Randy Moss. Many times owners get so honed in on name recognition, that they fail to realize the player isn't the stud he used to be. Moss signing with the 49ers tells me there wasn't as much interest in him as the media portrayed. Being on the receiving end of an Alex Smith thrown ball isn't going to sit well with Moss for long. Considering the memorable blow ups he has had in the past, it's hard for me to see Moss giving 100 percent on the field once he gets underthrown, overthrown or taken out of plays entirely. Like Ray Tannock wrote in his Top 5 Positional Players To Be Careful With, I'm not taking Moss, Michael Crabtree or anyone else in the 49ers' passing game not named Vernon Davis.

2. Laurent Robinson (Jacksonville Jaguars) - I remember being very high on Robinson when he was a rookie in Atlanta back in 2007. He had all the tools to be a bonafide starter and the Falcons were desperately looking for someone to replace Michael Jenkins. But time after time, Robinson failed to compete for the No. 2 spot behind Roddy White. Then, lo and behold, Robinson becomes a fantasy commodity playing behind Miles Austin and Dez Bryant as a Cowboy, racking up 11 touchdowns and topping career-high numbers across the board. That, my friends, will likely not be the case in his first year as a Jaguar. Robinson cashed in on his one year of success and landed $13.8 million in guaranteed money in Jacksonville. Great for him, but terrible news for his owners. With Blaine Gabbert under center, I don't see Robinson making much of an impact. At least not in 2012. And now that Justin Blackmon is the No. 1 guy, that decreases Robinson's value even more. Robinson's time in Dallas was more of a fluke than anything else.

3. Pierre Garcon (Washington Redskins) - Surprisingly, Garcon did get some serious attention right before the start of free agency from the Browns, Rams and Vikings. But because much of that attention went under the radar, many were surprised when the Redskins gave Garcon a whopping $20.5 million guaranteed contract. If Garcon proved anything last year it was that he didn't need Peyton Manning to have success. His 70 receptions and 947 receiving yards were career highs. And those numbers came from catching passes from either Curtis Painter or Dan Orlovsky. Now while I think Garcon could have tremendous success in Washington, I think he will get most of his lumps in 2012. He'll be playing in a new offense under Mike Shanahan and will have to deal with a rookie quarterback in Robert Griffin III. Dynasty owners will want to continue to hold onto Garcon. But for redraft owners, I think I might pass on the former Colt for this year. Even when those later rounds come knocking.

4. Sidney Rice (Seattle Seahawks) - As the years go on, Rice's 2009 season with Brett Favre looks flukier and flukier. That was the only year Rice was able to play in all 16 games. It was the only year Rice caught more than 32 passes (83). And it was also the only year Rice eclipsed 1000 receiving yards with 1312. According to Seahawks GM John Schneider, Rice is expected to be the healthiest he's ever been as an NFL player by training camp. That really doesn't do much for me in the way of confidence if I had to take him over someone else. We have yet to see how Matt Flynn will pan out as a full-time NFL starter. And Rice is one of the riskiest players in terms of injury history. If you take out 2009, Rice has only played a little over 10 games per season. No amount of talent in the world is going to make me take a chance him with that number looming over his head. Starter or not, I'll pass on Rice.

5. Any Receiver On The Browns - Greg Little has talent, but dropped 14 passes in 2011. Mohamed Massaquoi seems to be poised for a breakout year every year, but I don't see that happening whether Brandon Weeden or Colt McCoy starts Week One. Josh Cribbs has some value...........but only if your league counts return yards. I'm afraid to say I don't see much in the way of fantasy value outside of Trent Richardson in 2012.