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I've found a handful of Accuscore coupon codes you can use to obtain discounts from the leader in statistical sports projections. I'll make sure the codes are good every thirty days and multiple coupon codes are provided for your convenience. When developing our draft package we use the Accuscore projections as our baseline for the draft guide, naturally making gut calls throughout the statistics, this has worked well for years. You can use accuscore's weekly projects to aid you in optimizing your starting lineup each and every week.

Here's the biggest coupon codes I could find for Accuscore, save 30 percent. Please use my link below - I get a small commission for referral, thanks. To get 30% off use code supersave30.

Accuscore isn't a scam, they have been around for years, running game simulations in an advanced computer program like a beefed up Madden game. Those simulations provide simulated game data one can use to make an "educated guess" on what outcomes have the highest probability.

  • You can use this data for fantasy football forecasting (Im working on our own formula for next season to automate this for you - members only)
  • You can use Accuscore when making sports bets in all major sports!
  • Once a member you can access their data via their iPhone app.


Why would you want to use a coupon for Accuscore? Well, it's a lot easier to reach your return on investment with a coupon code, saving you upwards of %20 to %30.

How to fail using Accuscore, and why some people might think Accuscore is a scam. Accuescore's winning percentage is well documented, companies like CBS, Yahoo and ESPN leverage Accuscore data when offer analysis to their readers.

Accuscore offers a wide variety of services, centered around Game Forecasts derived from game simulation software they developed. They simulate game from just about every major sport including: NFL, college Football, NBA, college Basketball, NHL, and MLB, Each game is simulated 10,000 times and report the average score for each team along with the player statistics useful for playing fantasy football. The reason the program is wildly accurate is because it factors in past player statistics, weather, field surface, indoor games, outdoor games, injuries…etc. Obviously we don't know all of the variables used to measure performance AKA "the magic sauce" but we believe Accuscore provides the most accurate player projections on the market.

If you want to take your fantasy football start sit decisions to the next level then use one of the AccuScore coupon codes above, you're guaranteed to have the most optimal line-up each and every week.



  1. Kurt Knuckle

    November 28, 2012 at 2:14 pm

    Just for giggles I wanted to test the accuracy of their projections. In week 11 they had 72 percent accuracy in QB projections and 71 percent accuracy in RB projections. Accuscore is for real!

  2. Greg

    December 1, 2012 at 11:40 am

    I’ve used these guys for a couple years now, if you bet on ALL GAMES each week you’ll be ahead every week. They’re about 55 to 65 percent each week.