Dallas Cowboys Biggest 2013 Team Need

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The Dallas Cowboys are one of the few teams in the league that IS NOT difficult to figure out.

While the Cowboys remain a better team than their 2013 play suggested, the one glaring hole they have is the one weakness that prevents them from elevating to the next level.

That weakness is the D-Line.

The Dallas Cowboys had very little pressure to speak of in 2012 ranking 20th in sacks. This really put some added pressure on Tony Romo and company to keep up with the competition, despite already being equipped with a high-octane offense.

Here’s an excerpt from a recent post I did entitled: Mel Kiper’s 2013 Mock Draft, Ray’s Take:

“This is very simple. The Cowboys are expected to let Anthony Spencer walk, and switch to a 4-3 alignment. Naturally, they’re gonna need a replacement for Spencer, as well as, someone to start at the opposite end of Ware. I remember covering Montgomery last year as a possible first round talent, and here he is for sure. I don’t see the Cowboys passing up this level of talent, given their expected needs.”

The Dallas Cowboys need an intimidating edge rusher who can inject some life into this D-Line, and Sam Montgomery could fit that bill.

Montgomery isn’t just a straight line pass-rusher like many defensive ends out of college. Montgomery is a versatile bull rusher with an equal set of finesse moves that help him break contain and pressure the QB from the edge AND middle.

In addition to this, his speed and athleticism has allowed him to develop into a quality lateral defender as well.

There is some concern surrounding a terrible knee injury he sustained in 2010. But he made a triumphant return in 2011 with a re-affirming showcase of talent and recovery in 2012.

I loved Sam Montgomery last year, and love him even more this year. I really believe he could be the player Dallas is in the market for.

Now it’s up to you Cowboys Nation. Got an idea of what your ‘boys’ need? Leave your nomination below and be sure to follow my continued coverage of the NFL developing daily.

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