Dynasty Fantasy Football: Top Five Rookie Quarterbacks

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With the NFL Draft firmly in our rear-view mirror it is time to dig into Dynasty Fantasy Football in order to start breaking down the rookie draft class, specifically the quarterback position.  The NFL has slowly began to drift away from the rock 'em sock 'em style in which running backs saw 30+ carries a game and dominated the early rounds of fantasy drafts.  The league has evolved into a passers league in which QBs and wide receivers have taken their rightful place among the league's elite players on draft day.

Taking a look at the 2013 NFL rookie quarterback class I will breakdown the Top 5 gunslingers to keep your eye on in the upcoming months in order to see if they move up or down the depth charts of their respective teams.

If you are expecting to draft the next Cam Newton, RG III, Andrew Luck, Russell Wilson or even Andy Dalton, you need to lower your expectations.  This current class of signal-callers are much more a work in progress than the aforementioned quarterbacks.

Looking upon this class, keep in mind that the opportunity means just as much as their talent level and/or draft position, in most fantasy scenarios.  Quite often a rookie quarterback will find himself sitting behind an established veteran starter, just waiting for his opportunity (Colin Kaepernick ring a bell?).  So, these rankings not only take a look at who can break into the fantasy realm, but also find and sustain success.

Without further adieu, let's take a  look at the 2013 NFL Top 5 rookie quarterbacks in regards to Dynasty Fantasy Football.

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  1. Greg Brosh says

    I’ll be pulling for Manuel. I have Palmer and Brady in a dynasty. Age isn’t on my side, so I pulled the trigger and took him at 2.10.

  2. Matt Eastman says

    I also was able to land Manuel in my Dynasty draft, got him pretty late too which I was happy with.