Fantasy Baseball Draft Guide, Complete Kit for Free

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Everything you need to dominate your 2011 Fantasy Baseball League before, during and after the draft!

After several years of providing fantasy baseball news and advice we finally decided to do a fantasy baseball draft kit. Here you'll find draft guides, mock drafts, rankings, sleepers, team analysis, projected stats (statistics) and more, all for free. Of course we make a little cash on the ads but hey, we all gotta eat!

So let's jump right into the baseball draft guide. Bookmark this page, we're updating it daily!

  1. For newbies check out fantasy baseball 101.
  2. Auction Draft - How to Approach Your Auction League
  3. Fantasy baseball rankings - our 2011 rankings will be updated until the beginning of the season.
  4. Fantasy baseball projected statistics - these stats will also be updated until opening day. Coming soon...
  5. Fantasy baseball sleepers - sleepers are rare gems in fantasy sports, get a couple right during your draft and you're well on your way to dominating to your league!
  6. Fantasy baseball team analysis - We're tackling the top 10 teams in MLB and breaking down the key players you'll want to focus on.
  7. Projected Batter Stats - Projected Pitcher Stats plus download great for draft cheat sheet!!
  8. Yahoo League Dual Qualifier List -

Fantasy baseball depth charts - call us crazy

Fantasy baseball mock drafts