2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Rankings

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Before we get into our actual projections,  I wanted to take a brief moment to discuss how our projection system is used to generate our 2013 Fantasy Baseball Draft Rankings.  All of our projections use mathematical algorithms that look at key player performance indicators based on historical performance.

Our draft ranking system is designed to assign the VALUE a given player will provide to your basic 5 X 5 fantasy baseball league.  By 5 X 5, the following categories are typically used:  R, HR, RBI, SB, AVG, W, S, K, ERA, and WHIP.  So, some players may be ranked much higher on our list based upon the projected value that he can provide should he meet his projection.

This does not necessarily mean you must draft that player that high, it depends upon how your specific draft unfolds.  For instance, if you know players in your league undervalue a specific category, such as steals, then you can wait and draft these players (i.e. Michael Bourn, Brett Gardner, etc.) in the later rounds.

Bottom line, projected draft position and expected value are two completely different animals.  Now, do not get caught up in trying to worry about the math behind the rankings.  We just want wanted to offer a brief explanation of what is running under the hood.  For more please read on....


2013 Fantasy Baseball Rankings

Catcher (Posted 1/15/2013)(Updated 3/1/2013)

First Basemen (Posted 1/16/2013)(Updated 3/1/2013)

Second Basemen (Posted 1/17/2013)(Updated 3/1/2013)

Shortstops (Posted 1/18/2013)(Updated 3/1/2013)

Third Basemen (Posted 1/22/2013)(Updated 3/1/2013)

Outfielders (Posted 1/25/2013) (Updated 2/27/2013)

Starting Pitchers (Posted 1/29/2013) (Updated 2/27/2013)

Relief Pitchers (Posted 2/1/2013) (Updated 2/27/2013)


  1. Drew says

    Can I ask a question: are your value rankings comparable between positions – for instance, if a SP has a higher value number than a 3B does that mean that SP is projected to have more value than the 3B?

    • Matt Eastman says

      Hello Drew –

      Perhaps Jonathan will provide a response as well, but the system he currently has devised is only applicable to hitters. Pitchers are viewed and valued completely separately in these rankings as his formula only applies to positional players.