Fantasy Football Auction Draft: Lessons Learned

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Just like redraft leagues of all scoring variety, Vikings running back Adrian Peterson wound up being the priciest acquisition in our 2nd Annual Fantasy Knuckleheads Fantasy Football Auction League.

Saturday night was a great night in the world of fantasy football and Fantasy Knuckleheads as myself, members of the staff and other friends of ours took part in our 2nd Annual Fantasy Football Action Draft. Having an auction draft is fun. But when you get the same people together for a second year, it somehow makes it more fun and much more challenging because you notice some trends from the same owners. Not to mention there is trash talking galore.

When it comes to auction drafts, it's really hard to prepare. Mock drafting helps, but the prices you see players go for in mocks usually aren't anywhere close to what they will go for when the real thing goes down. Some go cheaper. Some go for much more. In the end, you just have to do your best and try to put together a strong roster without running out of money.

Here is the video in it's entirety. Keep in mind we're goofs, but we like it that way. If you ever have a chance to be in an auction draft where you can actually voice yourself with 9 or 11 or 13 other people, I strongly suggest you do so. It's a lot of fun.

If you'd like to see when each player was nominated, CLICK HERE for the full list of all 130 players.

With that out of the way, here is everyone's roster with $$ values next to each player. Who did great? Who overspent? Lets find out.

Team Kurt
QB Aaron Rodgers 40
RB Lamar Miller 19
RB Maurice Jones-Drew 22
WR Danny Amendola 23
WR Roddy White 21
TE Jimmy Graham 32
FLEX Antonio Brown 10
D/ST Bears D/ST 1
K Randy Bullock 1
BE Shane Vereen 8
BE DeSean Jackson 16
BE Ben Tate 4
BE Ravens D/ST 1
Total: 198
Remaining: 2

Analysis: Considering Kurt Turner had to do his drafting at a Starbucks because of internet problems, he put up a solid team. Getting the best fantasy quarterback and tight end for a combined $72 is outstanding. He has a good starting lineup, and is filled with upside guys on his bench.

Fear The Visor!
QB Russell Wilson 15
RB Reggie Bush 39
RB Ahmad Bradshaw 11
WR Larry Fitzgerald 33
WR Randall Cobb 18
TE Jared Cook 1
FLEX Eddie Lacy 30
D/ST 49ers D/ST 5
K Justin Tucker 2
BE Robert Griffin III 7
BE Steve Smith 10
BE Le'Veon Bell 18
BE Emmanuel Sanders 3
Total: 192
Remaining: 8

Analysis: I changed my strategy this year compared to previous years where I would shell out big bucks early and wind up having to spend a $1 on guys I'd pray would pan out. Considering it's my own team, it's hard to say anything bad about it. If anything, I wasn't happy that my laptop had a fart stuck and I wound up with auto draft on. That's how I wound up with Wilson. But I made up for it with RG3 for only half the price. If my quarterbacks can stay healthy, I'll be satisfied.

Edu McKaytion
QB Eli Manning 9
RB Darren McFadden 16
RB Marshawn Lynch 36
WR Calvin Johnson 48
WR A.J. Green 44
TE Jermichael Finley 1
FLEX Chris Johnson 30
D/ST Rams D/ST 1
K Blair Walsh 2
BE Jay Cutler 2
BE Josh Gordon 1
BE Kyle Rudolph 1
BE Isaac Redman 1
Total: 192
Remaining: 8

Analysis: Dave McKay of The Fantasy Sports Brain had his auto draft on for the first several picks, which is why he wound up getting Lynch, Megatron and Green. Johnson and McFadden have their question marks, but he could have had the best value pick with McFadden for only $16. Redman for a $1 is what it is. He's a guy who will keep the starting job in Pittsburgh warm until Le'veon Bell is ready to take over. After spending a lot early, McKay got himself some possible $1 gems.

Al Bundy's All-Stars
QB Cam Newton 16
RB Jamaal Charles 49
RB Chris Ivory 5
WR Julio Jones 30
WR James Jones 10
TE Vernon Davis 16
FLEX Jason Witten 23
D/ST Broncos D/ST 1
K Matt Prater 1
BE Tom Brady 26
BE Matt Ryan 21
BE Ryan Broyles 1
BE T.Y. Hilton 1
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Analysis: Tab Bamford is renowned for his Chicago hockey coverage, but there is one problem I have with his team. And it's a pretty glaring problem. He has three quarterbacks. While Brady, Ryan and Newton can all wind up being top-10 fantasy options, I have a feeling this league will be seeing Newton on the trade block often this year. I already turned him down already. Sorry Tab.

Woland's Minions
QB Ben Roethlisberger 1
RB Arian Foster 40
RB Darren Sproles 29
WR Pierre Garcon 8
WR Steve Johnson 5
TE Rob Gronkowski 10
FLEX C.J. Spiller 45
D/ST Buccaneers D/ST 1
K Steven Hauschka 1
BE Trent Richardson 31
BE Ryan Mathews 15
BE Torrey Smith 5
BE Owen Daniels 2
Total: 193
Remaining: 7

Analysis: While having Big Ben as your starter in a redraft league might seem a bit risky, getting him for a $1 is too hard to pass up. Pete Karagianis got some help from his friend Christian, but both made a strong starting lineup. As far as their bench? I worry about how Torrey Smith is going to take to his new No. 1 gig with no one else in the passing game good enough to take away attention. It's also a make-or-break year for Mathews. But, again, $20 for two starters isn't bad.

Asheville HattyWaiverWire
QB Andrew Luck 9
RB David Wilson 35
RB Alfred Morris 47
WR Vincent Jackson 20
WR Andre Johnson 17
TE Greg Olsen 5
FLEX Frank Gore 16
D/ST Bengals D/ST 4
K Matt Bryant 7
BE Reggie Wayne 17
BE Daryl Richardson 8
BE Hakeem Nicks 6
BE DeAngelo Williams 8
Total: 199
Remaining: 1

Analysis: James "Hatty" Hatfield, of Hatty Waiver Wire Guru, shelled out a lot of dough for his two starting running backs. But in the end, he made up for it with bargains at receiver and getting a third starting running back for $8. Will Richardson keep the starting job? That's the big question. We've seen good and bad out of DeAngelo Williams. Week One against the Seahawks isn't a good start. Luckily, Hatty won't need him.

Team Banko
QB Matthew Stafford 11
RB Doug Martin 56
RB Stevan Ridley 37
WR Dwayne Bowe 15
WR Mike Wallace 9
TE Fred Davis 3
FLEX Giovani Bernard 19
D/ST Seahawks D/ST 5
K Greg Zuerlein 1
BE Eric Decker 11
BE Victor Cruz 11
BE Tony Romo 14
BE Bryce Brown 1
Total: 193
Remaining: 7

Analysis: George Banko runs our sister site Fantasy Football Helpers. Looking at his starting lineup, it will be interesting to see how Mike Wallace performs as Miami's new No. 1 guy. New offense. New team. Will it take? There's been some questions on if Wallace can live up to the hype. Davis was another risky pick coming off an Achilles' injury. But considering George spent a mere $12 on two players, $3 less than Dwayne Bowe, there could be some bargain value here if the chips fall the right way. George showed his Eagle fandom by scooping up Bryce Brown for a buck. The Eagles plan on running a lot, but it remains to be seen how the carries will be split.

From Lebanon with Love
QB Colin Kaepernick 20
RB LeSean McCoy 47
RB Matt Forte 55
WR Dez Bryant 40
WR Demaryius Thomas 28
TE Brandon Myers 1
FLEX Mark Ingram 2
D/ST Cowboys D/ST 1
K Caleb Sturgis 1
BE Anquan Boldin 2
BE Michael Vick 1
BE Chris Givens 1
BE Kenbrell Thompkins 1
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Analysis: Jad Alameddine is one of our lifetime customers. You think you're a fantasy football fanatic? Jad is from Lebanon. No not Lebanon, PA. THE Lebanon. It was around 3-4 in the morning before we even started drafting. Now THAT'S a fanatic. Jad also went heavy on starting running backs. Mark Ingram is someone I've been hearing a lot of good things about, but who knows if he will FINALLY live up to the pick the Saints used on him. Because Jad spent a lot on 3 players (McCoy, Forte and Bryant), he didn't have a lot left to spend. But in the end, he did get some value picks. If Ingram yields carries to Pierre Thomas like he has in the past, Jad's running back depth could be in trouble.

MVPetersons .
QB Drew Brees 33
RB Adrian Peterson 60
RB DeMarco Murray 22
WR Wes Welker 11
WR Tavon Austin 7
TE Tony Gonzalez 16
FLEX Montee Ball 18
D/ST Texans D/ST 5
K Stephen Gostkowski 3
BE Greg Jennings 5
BE Mikel Leshoure 3
BE BenJarvus Green-Ellis 5
BE Sidney Rice 10
Total: 198
Remaining: 2

Analysis: Ben Theis showed his Vikings fandom by making Adrian Peterson the most expensive players in the entire draft. Not that there is anything wrong with that. AP should put up big stats again in 2013. And just like redraft leagues where AP is No. 1 across the board in every scoring format, Peterson being the most expensive player in an auction league should come as no surprise. With what the Broncos are planning this year, I think he may have overspent on Montee Ball. If there is a committee a'comin, Ball might not get as many carries as some owners hope. If Reggie Bush misses time, I'd prefer Joique Bell over Leshoure.

QB Peyton Manning 23
RB Ray Rice 50
RB Steven Jackson 41
WR Brandon Marshall 43
WR Marques Colston 10
TE Antonio Gates 1
FLEX Jordy Nelson 2
D/ST Patriots D/ST 2
K Phil Dawson 7
BE Cecil Shorts 4
BE Rashard Mendenhall 11
BE Alshon Jeffery 2
BE Danny Woodhead 4
Total: 200
Remaining: 0

Analysis: Nick Hollrah is another life-time member of the site and was another owner who threw a lot of money into running backs. Nick scored big getting two top-12 running backs, a top-3 quarterback and a top-10 wide receiver. I'm not a big fan of Mendenhall this year, but hopefully his offensive line and knee can stay just well enough once Jackson's and Rice's bye-weeks hit. Some might not like him as much as I do, but I think Woodhead can do a lot in the Chargers offense this year.

As you can probably tell, I didn't truly bash anyone's roster because there wasn't any need to. Unlike redraft leagues, it's easier to fill up on studs and quality bench spots in a fantasy football auction league than it is in a regular serpentine draft. Every team has it's strengths and weaknesses, but none of them jump as at me saying "Damn this team blows!!!!!"

Is there a team you like the best? The worst? Let me know below.


  1. Josh L says

    I like “From Lebanon with Love” for the best Studs n Duds team. His starting RBs and WRs are the best. His team completely lacks depth so he’ll have to find some waiver gems if he has any injuries what so ever.

    I like team “Kurt”. A Rod and Graham should give him an advantage over most teams at QB and TE and his starting RBs and WRs are good value picks that should hold their own. Especially if MJD stays healthy (top 5 potential) and Miller lives up to the pre season hype. Heck even if he’s top 20 he should be worth it.

    • Kurt Turner says

      Ya man, Jad’s team kicks ass.. now all he needs is some fantasy luck and he’ll bring home the $$

      • JKA says

        My team is what it is. and my draft strategy going in was simple.

        I wanted 3 specific guys that I believe will tear it up this year.

        A) Forte- We have all read about the new offense and how Cutler will benefit etc. What goes unread many days is how much Forte will flourish under this system. If this wasn’t a PPR league I wouldn’t be so high on him, but I believe his points from receptions will make up for the TD scored by Bush. At 50$ I almost gave up, but I decided to keep going no matter the price

        B)Dez Bryant- Simply put. I believe he is the number 1 receiver this year.

        C) LeSean McCoy- Chip Kelly will take Shady to a whole new level.

        After that All I had was a few bucks, my drink and well if you watch carefully you will see I fall asleep….

  2. Mike says

    Every auction draft is different, but I would love to see the order that players were nominated. In my eyes and from what I have seen in mocks, you guys paid insane prices for some of these RB (David Wilson for 35, Sproles for 29!)….then again Danny Amendola went for 36 in my draft so auctions can get crazy.

    I would wager that a bunch of middle level RB were nominated first followed by the upper tier WR and QBs, and then the RB1s were nominated.

  3. SNP says

    I nominated AP #1 because I wanted to get at least one person down a significant amount of money and hopefully change their strategy. I knew I wasn’t going to win him. Also, I think I only bid on about 1 or 2 guys I actually nominated, I just wanted to weed out the competition for later nominations.

    • Greg Brosh says

      this is what i usually do to. especially early when i know people are going to throw big bucks.