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Money Back Gurantee only includes seasonal fantasy leagues, not daily fantasy leagues due to the nature of the game.


I just wanted to thank you for all the help this year. Yesterday I competed in my 12-team league championship and won 122-73 for the first time in 4 years. I've never finished above 9th place but this year I decided to follow your draft guide... Thanks for all the work you and your staff put in so that I may enjoy the spoils of being the champion!

Jim Aman

Won my money league last week with the help of you guys. Thanks!

Jason Sick

Thanks for all of the help this year! 4 Championship teams! I will be returning to the well for years to come.

Mike Gaughan

I drafted based on your cheat sheet last draft (2012) and even when people were riding me for picking the players I picked I made it to the super bowl thanks to you. I don't think they will say much this year. Thanks again.


I'm proud to say that we help the vast majority of our members make it to the playoffs and they come back every year for the most accurate, yet customizable, draft guide and cheat sheets online.

Kurt Turner
Owner, FantasyKnuckleheads.com

If you want to win your fantasy football league. If you want to dominate your fantasy football draft. If you want customizable draft guides tailored to your league's settings so you can draft a winning team. If you want everything you need without the fluff. If you need 1 on 1 chat time with Fantasy Vets every week. If you want to protect your investment, save time, and experience the thrill of the fantasy playoffs... well then, you should buy.

Earning your respect in fantasy football isn't easy. Our Premium Fantasy Football Draft Guide ensures you make the fantasy playoffs! You already invest a considerable amount of time and money playing fantasy football, which is why you should protect your investment by joining our team. We got your back and will help you dominate your fantasy football draft and ensure you make it deep into the fantasy playoffs. Nothing beats the feeling of making it to the playoffs, if you haven.t experienced that yet you owe it to yourself to make this year your first!

We spend countless hours researching and analyzing every aspect of the game and how to apply it to winning fantasy football. Don.t waste your time! Let our staff go to work for you and take care of the time intensive research and point projections.

Custom Draft Cheat Sheets: Our online application is customized to your leagues specific settings. We calculate position scarcity to help you identify tiers and hold or buy players. Our online (also print or download to excel) premium draft cheat sheet ensures you draft the best possible player by measuring several key factors in fantasy football: projected points, your leagues settings, strength of schedule, coaching changes, player age, a players value, ADP, and our own proprietary scarcity model. Our cheat sheet even tells you what the outlook is for the next available player within that position  so you can n see the drop off between players, which helps you decide if you should wait until the next round or pull the trigger now. No other draft guide on the Internet gives you next value and next ADP, which really clearly defines tiers and expected availability. Here's the overview:

Projected points based on your leagues settings

A players Value and next available players value, this tells you if you should draft a player or not based on other players projected point values . great for identifying position scarcity

Fantasy Strength of Schedule for each player

Projected Available Round based on current ADP

Auction Value and Bye Week

Player and ADP statistics are updated nightly

Old sample data, but the fields remain the same each year. Proven, simple and powerful premium cheat sheets.
The photo above tells us a lot of things, one in particularly obvious highlight is Tom Brady's projected points compared to his ADP. In this hypothetical league, Brady is projected to score more points than any other quarterback, yet the industry average ADP for Brady is 26, and the next drafted QB is usually around pick 31. Brady is an exceptional pick based on his 2nd to 3rd round ADP, just the value you're looking for to maximize your points!. Highlight Brady on your cheat sheet as your top valued target QB. Continue to go down... (more tutorials in the members only area)

Customizable Online Draft Guide: Customize your draft cheat sheet to your league settings all online with our fast and simple, yet powerful, draft guide.

Personal Agent Tool: Configurable Up To The Minute updates for up to 20 players of your choice. Injury Updates before, during and after the game. Relevant Fantasy News, great for monitoring sleepers and emerging players. Game Day Weather Notifications - start a WR or QB in the pouring rain, not if you have our service.

Personal 1 on 1 Advice: The Fantasy Knuckleheads Staff is always just a click away in our War Room, a forum based support area where we've helped turn 0-4 teams into playoff contenders and league champions.

Start a Winning Team: Weekly Point Projections and projected statistics for all offensive players. Line up advice in the war room. Trade advice in the war room... yes, we got you covered.

Draft a Winning Team: Industry Leading Cheat Sheets and the only only customizable draft guide with next value and next ADP prediction technology.

Our Playoff Guarantee: After using our draft guide, tools and war room, if you don't make the playoffs we will immediately refund your purchase.

Everything You Need!

1 on 1 support for the entire season

In order to draft the best possible team you need a customizable draft sheet built specific to your league settings. We calculate 100's of players value based on our scarcity model proven to give you, on average, an 11% higher total point lead versus your league. This means your team will score 11% more than your competitors. Unlike other draft packages, our package comes with simple instructions on how to leverage our data and drafting model to ensure you draft the highest scoring possible team, all online.

We keep you on the bleeding edge of important fantasy information with your own .Fantasy Beat Reporter.! Ever wish you could have someone watch a player for you and let you know how they're doing? Are they starting this week? Are they breaking out and ready to snatch off the waiver wire? How is he doing in practice this week? Allow our Personl Agent service to answer questions like these which saves you time and keeps you ahead of the power curve.

Wavier Wire Notifications:: We watch every game and let you know as soon as a player becomes a highly valued stock. This tool enables you to gobble up countless studs on your roster throughout the season. Building your list of starters and trade bait. We guarantee your team will be unstoppable!

Injury / Inactive Updates: for your configured players, a must have! Never start an injured / inactive player again. This will save your butt more than you can imagine.

Start Sit lineup Advice: we offer lineup advice year round.

Trade advice: we give you trade advice year round.

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