Fantasy Football Draft

Is preparing for the draft killing you? Power up here and never look back!

If you’re lazy and looking for a simple to follow draft strategy here’s a 50,000 foot view.. If you don’t take the first QB or TE in the draft then be the last! Fill up on RB and WR then worry about QB and be the last person to fill their TE spot. Plenty of TE depth and QB depth in a 12 team league.

You MUST have a cheat sheet, customized to your league settings. Knowing Average Draft Position (ADP) is always smart when drafting so ensure your cheatsheet includes ADP (like ours).

Last but not least (probably the most important), know your stuff. Know your sleepers, your upside picks, who not to draft due to risk, etc… basically, read the articles below.

The paint might still be wet on our most recent fantasy football draft articles below, enjoy.

Of course, you can cheat and get our Cheat sheets & Draft Guide. Saves time and its stellar when compared to the “other guys” overloaded disconnected BS.