2013 Fantasy Football Sleepers: Jordan Cameron Sleeping Giant?

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Jordan Cameron is a sleeping giant waiting to happen, and he may wind being one of the best fantasy football sleepers of 2013.

Let’s dispel the easy negative arguments against this theory first, shall we?

  • Cameron was the NFL's 43rd ranked TE catching just 20 balls for 226 yards and a single TD in 14 appearances
  • The Cleveland Browns offense was even less than that of a “spit-ball” offense suggesting little reason Jordan Cameron is sleeper potential
  • Weeden isn’t a good enough QB to afford Jordan Cameron a shot at becoming a fantasy sleeper.

That should be enough for now, right?

Despite the above mentioned being valid arguments, they are also reflections of 2012. To unearth that “diamond in the rough”—or sleeper—we have to move on and analyze the upcoming season and the opportunities that may come.

When we take that approach, we begin to see a possibility of Jordan Cameron being a potential fantasy football sleeper.

Let’s take a look.

Fantasy Football Sleepers: Jordan Cameron Sleeping Giant?

OK, yes, Cameron was not utilized a lot in 2012. But the Cleveland Browns also did not target a single TE through the NFL Draft OR the open market. This is a more-or-less a clear suggestion that the Browns want to feature Cameron in 2013.

Cameron also has the opportunity to work with new coach Rob Chudzinski who has worked magic with A. Gates, G. Olsen and K. Winslow.

All three players had career years under Chudzinski.

The next approach is to look at who is throwing the ball. B. Weeden is a concern, I’ll admit, but the guy certainly wasn't the worst QB in 2012.

And let’s not forget that Weeden is still learning.

Coach Chudzinski has already showered accolades over Weeden’s progress, stopping short of fully committing to him as the 2013 starter.

Still, Weeden pass for over 3,000 yards in 2012 as a “QB in progress” and he’ll enter this season with a more experienced team which will certainly help.

The Final Outlook:

Look, Cameron will have his aches and pains in 2013, but at 6’5”, 254 with a ton of speed, there’s NO WAY coach Chudzinski doesn't get him more involved in the passing game.

Remember, this is the guy who in the 2011 NFL Combine “paced” most of the other TEs. Cameron catches the ball extremely well over the shoulder, has enough speed to stretch defenses and doesn't ever have to worry about catching the ball in traffic with his 37 inch vertical jump.

Ex-basketball players have that advantage I suppose.

In the end, if I am looking for a sleeper candidate at TE I’m looking at Cameron. He has the athletic ability, a new coaching staff that will forward focus him in 2013, and tremendous value with his current 150.5 overall ADP.

Yup, that’s right. The guy is projecting as a late-round selection, and with so much upside, you technically CAN’T lose, only gain.

Jordan Cameron will wind up being a solid fantasy football sleeper in 2013, so be sure to grab him on draft day and enjoy reaping the benefits later.


  1. Greg Brosh says

    I had a Cameron sleeper draft sitting on the shelves for months. Glad someone was finally able to point him out. I LOVE this kid. In that offense, he could be a PPR machine. In my one dynasty league, I picked him up as soon as I heard the early offseason rumors that he’d be the No. 1 guy. Sure enough. So athletically gifted. Chudzinski should make this kid a beast. Excellent Ray.