Fantasy Football Team Names: The Top 50

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Don't forget the fantasy team names

Are you looking for a name to use as your fantasy football league name? How about a name for your fantasy football team? Tons of articles exist around the web, but I'd like to get a long list of team names here. Way back in the day, when this article was first written, we had over 100 comments and suggestions. Well, I had to flush out all of our comments in the system dude to spammers, but I was hoping you guys could help build the list of team names back up. Here's our top 50 team names, but please keep adding to the list by slapping in your comments below.

So here we are, 2013, and it’s time to decide on a name for your fantasy football team.

This year we've put together 50 of the brightest, funniest, lamest, dirtiest and best team names from around the web and whatever else my crawl space I can come up with, so sit back and enjoy!

When you're finished, leave your nomination for the best fantasy football team name below, and let's see how many more we can add!

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50. To Hell in a Hank Baskett
49. Texas Chainsaw Massaquoi
48. Forgetting Brandon Marshall
47. Orton Hears a Who
46. When in Romo
45. Scratching Your Cotchery
44. “Oh my god, they killed Henne” (got your back South Park fans)
43. Mr. Rodgers Tundra
42. Big Easy Breesey
41. Driving with Donte’
40. Revis and Butthead (an oldie but a goodie)
39. Tennessee Brought Hasselbeck
38. Casselblanca
37. You Down with DRC?
36. Somewhere over Dwayne Bowe
35. The Gates of Hell
34. Green Dream Team
33. All Along the Hightower
32. Unga! Unga! Unga!
31. Dezzie Does Dallas
30. So You Think You Can Dansby
29. Gimme Some Flacco
28. Boss Hog and the Smiths
27. Legadu My Eggo
26. Gridiron Brothel
25. TDs and Beer
24. The Foggy Suh
23. Favre Dollar Footlongs
22. The Young and the Rothlisberger
21. Poon Jabbers
20. Dirty Sanchez
19. A Rivers Run Suh It
18. Cowboys and Redskins
17. 4th and Drunk
16. Flock of Eagles
15. Burressted Development
14. I’ve Got the Clapp!
13. Ta’ufo’ou wha?????
12. “I Gant Do it Captain!”
11. My Tight End and Your First and Long
10. Take A Chansi and Don’t Get Stucki
9. Hoomanawannanother?
8. A Kolb Day in Hell
7. Action Jackson
6. Billy Volek Still Plays?
5. End Zone Divas
4. The Graham Crackers
3. Stop, Drop and Rolle
2. A Christian to Ponder
1. Corn on the Schaub


    • Kurt Turner says

      My Bad! Updated =)

      Let’s also throw this one into the mix.

      Favre Dollar Footlong


  1. Jeff Culotta says

    ‘Pussy Riot’ is my current team name, however also a fan of ‘Don Julio Jones’

  2. Kevin Tallungan says

    For the Cub Fans:
    “Epsteins Monster”—pieced together with cold dead players

  3. Spenser says

    Best one I have seen in a best naming is I’m Sorry Fred Jackson.
    I have Matty Ice Ice Baby and New Era Kaeps as team names.