Fantasy Knuckleheads’ Expert Fantasy Football Draft Results

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After falling to pick 1.10, Gore was the first pick in our first expert league of the Summer.

Even though the NFL season has been going strong for weeks now, Fantasy Knuckleheads' official start to the fantasy season began with our first expert draft of the 2011 season; KFFL NFL Experts League. This wasn't your run-of-the-mill draft either. We're talking about some of the top dogs in not only fantasy football, but guys who cover the NFL on a daily basis. Here is a list of the participants:

Below is how the draft went down and a quick synopsis on each of Knuckleheads' picks, round-by-round.
PPR, 4 points per passing TD, 6 points per rushing/receiving TD.
1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1Flex/RB/WR/TE, 1DEF, 1K

Round One
#1 - Arian Foster RB, HOU
#2 - Adrian Peterson RB, MIN
#3 - Chris Johnson RB, TEN
#4 - Jamaal Charles RB, KAN
#5 - Ray Rice RB, BAL
#6 - LeSean McCoy RB, PHI
#7 - Andre Johnson WR, HOU
#8 - Darren McFadden RB, OAK
#9 - Roddy White WR, ATL
#10 - Frank Gore RB, SFO
#11 - Calvin Johnson WR, DET
#12 - Maurice Jones-Drew RB, JAC

In a PPR league, I was hoping one of the last pass-catching running backs would be left, so I decided to take Gore instead of quarterback or receiver. A healthy Frank Gore will produce big numbers under a new coaching staff.

Round 2
#1 - Larry Fitzgerald WR, ARI
#2 - Peyton Hillis RB, CLE
#3 - Hakeem Nicks WR, NYG
#4 - Rashard Mendenhall RB, PIT
#5 - Greg Jennings WR, GNB
#6 - Matt Forte RB, CHI
#7 - Reggie Wayne WR, IND
#8 - Aaron Rodgers QB, GNB
#9 - Michael Turner RB, ATL
#10 - Brandon Marshall WR, MIA
#11 - Drew Brees QB, NOR
#12 - Steven Jackson RB, STL

Going with the strategy of taking a top player in each position in the first 4-5 rounds, Hakeem Nicks was the best available receiver left on our board. With Steve Smith's recovery from microfracture surgery expected to take months, Nicks will easily top last year's stats in terms of receptions (79) and yardage (1052).

Round 3
#1 - Miles Austin WR, DAL
#2 - Jahvid Best RB, DET
#3 - Mike Wallace WR, PIT
#4 - Vincent Jackson WR, SDG
#5 - Ahmad Bradshaw RB, NYG
#6 - Felix Jones RB, DAL
#7 - Michael Vick QB, PHI
#8 - Mike Williams WR, TAM
#9 - Antonio Gates TE, SDG
#10 - Wes Welker WR, NWE
#11 - Knowshon Moreno RB, DEN
#12 - Dwayne Bowe WR, KAN

Welker is only a year removed from 123 catches in 2009. Hell, he still had 86 last year when the team was going through Randy Moss withdrawals and added in Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez. If Chad Ochocinco can squeeze out another strong year, Welker should at least hit 100 receptions again.

Round 4
#1 - Shonn Greene RB, NYJ
#2 - Tom Brady QB, NWE
#3 - Peyton Manning QB, IND
#4 - LeGarrette Blount RB, TAM
#5 - DeAngelo Williams RB, CAR
#6 - Ryan Mathews RB, SDG
#7 - Tony Romo QB, DAL
#8 - Mark Ingram RB, NOR
#9 - Jason Witten TE, DAL
#10 - Dez Bryant WR, DAL
#11 - Dallas Clark TE, IND
#12 - Jeremy Maclin WR, PHI

Peyton Manning is coming off neck surgery and it's still unknown if he will be ready by Week One. This is the main reason why he likely slid all the way to the fourth round. Even so, I simply don't see him missing any of the regular season. While he is getting bumped down by guys like Aaron Rodgers, Philip Rivers, and Michael Vick, Manning will hold his own and put up disgustingly huge numbers if he's ready by Week One. If so, 30+ touchdown passes here I come!!!!! He still has plenty of time to prepare.

Fred Jackson should get 250+ touches this year.


Round 5
#1 - Philip Rivers QB, SDG
#2 - Marques Colston WR, NOR
#3 - Cedric Benson RB, CIN
#4 - Steve Johnson WR, BUF
#5 - DeSean Jackson WR, PHI
#6 - Santonio Holmes WR, NYJ
#7 - Jermichael Finley TE, GNB
#8 - Brandon Lloyd WR, DEN
#9 - Matt Schaub QB, HOU
#10 - Fred Jackson RB, BUF
#11 - Ryan Torain RB, WAS
#12 - Percy Harvin WR, MIN

Jackson had a down year in 2010 after achieving 1000 rushing yards in 2009. But this year will be a different story. He no longer has to compete with Marshawn Lynch. And with CJ Spiller still having fumble issues and pass-protecting problems in practice, Jackson will touch the ball 250+ times this season.

Round 6
#1 - Chris Wells RB, ARI
#2 - Vernon Davis TE, SFO
#3 - Greg Olsen TE, CAR
#4 - Kenny Britt WR, TEN
#5 - Matt Ryan QB, ATL
#6 - Daniel Thomas RB, MIA
#7 - Ryan Grant RB, GNB
#8 - Austin Collie WR, IND
#9 - Sidney Rice WR, SEA
#10 - BenJarvus Green-Ellis RB, NWE
#11 - Marshawn Lynch RB, SEA
#12 - Jonathan Stewart RB, CAR

Out of all the picks, this is the one I regret......but just a little bit. Playing in OC Mike Martz's offense killed Olsen's value in Chicago. And he'll have some growing pains as he gets adjusted to playing in a new system and a new quarterback. What I am banking on is Carolina OC Rob Chudzinski making Olsen a big part of the offense. Chud was the tight ends coach in San Diego and was a big part of making some dude named Antonio Gates a stud.

Round 7
#1 - Anquan Boldin WR, BAL
#2 - Chad Ochocinco WR, NWE
#3 - Ben Roethlisberger QB, PIT
#4 - Eli Manning QB, NYG
#5 - Jimmy Graham TE, NOR
#6 - Mike Thomas WR, JAC
#7 - Pierre Garcon WR, IND
#8 - Brandon Jacobs RB, NYG
#9 - Mario Manningham WR, NYG
#10 - Jordy Nelson WR, GNB
#11 - Ryan Williams RB, ARI
#12 - Matthew Stafford QB, DET

After putting up a huge game in the Super Bowl, and also suffering a burst bursa sac in his left knee, Nelson figures to see a lot more time on the field this year. James Jones coming back does hurt some, but we doubt he has fixed his inconsistencies. And Donald Driver is close to being done completely. Nelson has sleeper written all over him. He's the team's most talented receiver outside of Greg Jennings.

Round 8
#1 - Owen Daniels TE, HOU
#2 - Roy Williams WR, CHI
#3 - Joseph Addai RB, IND
#4 - Danny Amendola WR, STL
#5 - Mike Tolbert RB, SDG
#6 - Steve Smith WR, CAR
#7 - Kellen Winslow TE, TAM
#8 - A.J. Green WR, CIN
#9 - C.J. Spiller RB, BUF
#10 - Santana Moss WR, WAS
#11 - Reggie Bush RB, MIA
#12 - Davone Bess WR, MIA

Another guy who slid farther than I had anticipated, Addai re-signed with the Colts and will start Week One. Donald Brown showed me nothing last year that would make me believe he can unseat Addai for the starting job. Rookie Delone Carter could make some noise, but the starting job is clearly Addai's to lose. And as my No. 3 running back, THAT'S GOLD JERRY GOLD!!!

Robert Meachem could finally have the breakout season the Saints have been waiting for.

Round 9
#1 - Darren Sproles RB, NOR
#2 - Braylon Edwards WR, SFO
#3 - Tim Hightower RB, WAS
#4 - Julio Jones WR, ATL
#5 - Jacoby Ford WR, OAK
#6 - Greg Little WR, CLE
#7 - Josh Freeman QB, TAM
#8 - Deion Branch WR, NWE
#9 - Rashad Jennings RB, JAC
#10 - Robert Meachem WR, NOR
#11 - Malcom Floyd WR, SDG
#12 - Johnny Knox WR, CHI

I initially ragged on Kurt for making a homer pick, but you can't disagree that this could be Meachem's year. Finally over injuries, Meachem is showing why the Saints drafted him in the first round back in 2007. With Marques Colston still sidelined with problematic knees, Meachem could end up being Drew Brees' go-to guy. His upside is off the charts right now.

Round 10
#1 - Jay Cutler QB, CHI
#2 - Sam Bradford QB, STL
#3 - Roy Helu RB, WAS
#4 - Michael Bush RB, OAK
#5 - Mike Sims-Walker WR, STL
#6 - Lance Moore WR, NOR
#7 - Matt Cassel QB, KAN
#8 - Marcedes Lewis TE, JAC
#9 - Kevin Kolb QB, ARI
#10 - Rob Gronkowski TE, NWE
#11 - Hines Ward WR, PIT
#12 - Brandon Pettigrew TE, DET

Hate the Redskins, but I love me some Roy Helu. Ryan Torain can't stay healthy and Tim Hightower is going to fumble his way into Mike Shanahan's doghouse. I'm trying to temper my expectations because he's a rookie, but I can't see Helu not landing the starting job in-season.

Round 11
#1 - James Starks RB, GNB
#2 - Mike Williams WR, SEA
#3 - Joe Flacco QB, BAL
#4 - Pierre Thomas RB, NOR
#5 - Plaxico Burress WR, NYJ
#6 - Danny Woodhead RB, NWE
#7 - Willis McGahee RB, DEN
#8 - Kyle Orton QB, DEN
#9 - James Jones WR, GNB
#10 - Jared Cook TE, TEN
#11 - Green Bay Packers Def/ST, GNB
#12 - Michael Crabtree WR, SFO

Now we start getting into the players that are looking good in camp, but haven't popped up on anyone else's radar. With Matt Hasselbeck in town, Cook could be in for a solid season. Reports say that the coaches are lining him out as a wide receiver in practice, so we could see him push for a career year in 2011.

Round 12
#1 - LaDainian Tomlinson RB, NYJ
#2 - Donald Driver WR, GNB
#3 - Philadelphia Eagles Def/ST, PHI
#4 - Ryan Fitzpatrick QB, BUF
#5 - Tony Gonzalez TE, ATL
#6 - Dustin Keller TE, NYJ
#7 - New York Jets Def/ST, NYJ
#8 - Shane Vereen RB, NWE
#9 - Zach Miller TE, SEA
#10 - Pittsburgh Steelers Def/ST, PIT
#11 - Mark Sanchez QB, NYJ
#12 - Chris Cooley TE, WAS

My homer pick of the draft. The Eagles Defense still has to gel with all the new faces, plus a new defensive coordinator, but they should slowly start raining down some terror against opposing offenses. I still worry about the pass rush and the linebackers, but that secondary is just too sick to pass up. If they end up flopping, I'll be eating some crow in the winter.

For at least one week, I'm hoping Matt Hasselbeck shines as much as his bald noggin does on a sunny day.

Round 13
#1 - Donovan McNabb QB, MIN
#2 - Justin Forsett RB, SEA
#3 - Jerome Simpson WR, CIN
#4 - Delone Carter RB, IND
#5 - New England Patriots Def/ST, NWE
#6 - Tony Moeaki TE, KAN
#7 - Jordan Shipley WR, CIN
#8 - Chicago Bears Def/ST, CHI
#9 - Aaron Hernandez TE, NWE
#10 - Matt Hasselbeck QB, TEN
#11 - Danario Alexander WR, STL
#12 - New York Giants Def/ST, NYG

I don't expect Hasselbeck to find fantasy glory behind a questionable offensive line, but I only need him to pick up the slack during Peyton's bye week (11). Luckily, he's playing Atlanta in the dome, so weather won't be an issue.

Round 14
#1 - Steve Breaston WR, KAN
#2 - Leonard Hankerson WR, WAS
#3 - Torrey Smith WR, BAL
#4 - Baltimore Ravens Def/ST, BAL
#5 - Brent Celek TE, PHI
#6 - Jerome Harrison RB, DET
#7 - Ronnie Brown RB, PHI
#8 - DeMarco Murray RB, DAL
#9 - Lee Evans WR, BUF
#10 - Javon Ringer RB, TEN
#11 - Early Doucet WR, ARI
#12 - Dallas Cowboys Def/ST, DAL

Another upside/depth pick, Smith has been looking really good in practice, yeah maybe I put too much stock in training camps, and he looks to be the starter alongside Anquan Boldin. Nice bye-week filler who could make a flex appearance.

Round 15
#1 - Stephen Gostkowski K, NWE
#2 - Detroit Lions Def/ST, DET
#3 - Brandon Jackson RB, CLE
#4 - New Orleans Saints Def/ST, NOR
#5 - Nate Kaeding K, SDG
#6 - Emmanuel Sanders WR, PIT
#7 - Kansas City Chiefs Def/ST, KAN
#8 - Jabar Gaffney WR, WAS
#9 - Jason Snelling RB, ATL
#10 - Todd Heap TE, ARI
#11 - Titus Young WR, DET
#12 - Rob Bironas K, TEN

I never take three tight ends. Sometimes, I don't even take two. But I was so worried about my Olsen pick, that I picked up Cook and prayed. This league allows a tight end as a flex position, so Heap will help during the bye weeks. And playing with Kevin Kolb, who likes to throw to tight ends, Heap might have a little bit of TE2 value left.

Round 16
#1 - Lonyae Miller RB, DAL
#2 - Mason Crosby K, GNB
#3 - Garrett Hartley K, NOR
#4 - Alex Henery K, PHI
#5 - Matt Bryant K, ATL
#6 - Sebastian Janikowski K, OAK
#7 - Josh Brown K, STL
#8 - Donnie Avery WR, STL
#9 - Neil Rackers K, HOU
#10 - David Buehler K, DAL
#11 - Adam Vinatieri K, IND
#12 - Jacoby Jones WR, HOU

A kicker is a kicker, but at least I got one that ranked fairly high. And since Kurt is a Saints fan, nothing wrong with appeasing the boss with guys from his own team.