$19.5 Million Deal Reached For Church Site For Falcons Stadium

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    Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed said Tuesday that city officials have reached a $19.5 million deal on behalf of the Falcons to buy Friendship Baptist Church, one of two churches key to the new Falcons stadium being built on the preferred “south site,â€￾ Katie Leslie of the Atlanta Journal Constitution reports.

    The church must ratify the agreement with its congregation, said Reed, who then called upon the Georgia World Congress Center to re-open talks with Mount Vernon Baptist Church. His announcement comes days after the GWCCA said it walked away from negotiations with Mount Vernon after the church rejected a $6.2 million offer. Documents later revealed the state and church were $14 million apart in asking price.

    “I think I’ve done enough in this process to ask that they try harder. Because that’s what folks ask me to do, right?â€￾ he said.

    Mount Vernon is arguably the more crucial piece to the south site location as it sits on the proposed property.

    Source: The Redzone
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    God has a price.
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    No sh!t! They finally made a deal? Good for the Falcons
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    Will those funds be used for the flock or for the new church in all it's opulence?

    Poor parishioners want to know... :icon_rolleyes:
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    Surprised they agreed being the Church is about 150 years old.

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    Another site was out of the question?
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    i was under the impression church was football
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    City put up the 20 mil?

    ...and the taxpayers rejoiced, hallejuhah!
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    sPut 20 million into bettering the school systems? Nope! Buyin a church for a football team!