49ers LB Aldon Smith Will Owe Team After 2014 Season

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    Some people love football so much they would play in the NFL for free. San Francisco 49erslinebacker Aldon Smith is going one step further.

    Smith, who is eligible to return to the 49ers this week after serving a nine-game suspension, will become one of the rare, if not the only player in league history, to pay for the privilege of playing football, according to sources.

    After Smith's nine-game suspension, his salary this season will be $1.099 million, with the net after taxes being $525,000. The 49ers will take all of that from his game checks this season for money he owes due to signing bonus forfeiture, according to sources.

  2. markaz

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    What 's really the story is his salary is $1,099,000 and only takes home $525,000 (47.7% take home). For all the cu**s out there who say the wealthy don't pay taxes....suck it.
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    I'm not even rich and have 4 kids yet between fed tax, state tax, property taxes, sales taxes, etc, over half of our income goes to a 'tax' of some sort. It's downright criminal how badly we are all taxed.
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    meanwhile goodell keeps collecting a paycheck as he keeps on lying about the rice case.
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    A $44 Million a year pay check for running a "non-profit" organization...

    Yet, we all still watch...go figure...