A trip down memory lane: SportsChump heads home for the holidays

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    Funny things happen when you grow up in New York City. While the Big Apple is universally recognized as the greatest city in the world – and rightfully so – New Yorkers inherently know that to be true. We wear that hometown pride on our sleeve.

    New Yorkers are born with a different energy, a joie de vivre, that undeniable you-talkin’-to-me attitude and an internal GPS that gives us the ability to hop on a bus or subway and know exactly where we are and how to get to where we’re going. We also are among the few Americans who still know what a bus and subway are.

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    i agree
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    He he, thanks, Smeags.

    It was good to be home. Despite the weather.
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    True about buses and subways, but my hat's off to any city (Manhattan) and its citizens that has over 13,000 taxis patrolling the streets.....385 cabs per square mile!
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    New York, Texas, and New Jersey are the worst for patting themselves on the back just for being born/living in a certain place.
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    No wonder traffic is so damn bad.


    Don't forget Bostonians.
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    I've never personally heard anyone introduce themselves by saying, "hi my name is blah blah, I'm from Boston." I can't say the same as it those other 3 places.