Actor James Garner Dies At Age 86

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    If Sam Spade was a tough guy, Jim Rockford was … well, he could throw a punch, but he didn't like to because it hurt his hand.

    Rockford's idea of a good time was eating Oreos and fishing with his dad, not spending a lost weekend with some smoky blonde. And tough talk just wasn't his thing; when some hood was beating the tar out of him, Rockford sputtered, "Does your mother have any idea what you do for a living?"

    Still, the perennially broke investigator always managed to set things right, and by the end of every episode of "The Rockford Files," Rockford — a.k.a. actor James Garner — also gave viewers something they weren't getting from other tough guy heroes: laughs.

    Garner, a master of light comedy who won an Emmy as Rockford and earlier had shot to fame as a charming and dry-witted gambler on the hit TV western "Maverick," died Saturday at his Los Angeles home. He was 86.

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    R.I.P. Jimmy.
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    Even though I've never seem a single episode of Rockford Files, I always liked him in movies. RIP.
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    He was awarded two Purple Hearts for his service in the Korean War. RIP.