Bills Coach Doug Marrone Gives WR Da'Rick Rogers A Talking-To

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    Buffalo Bills Rookie wide receiver Da’Rick Rogers received a talking-to from coach Doug Marrone during Friday’s practice, Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo New reports.

    Rogers made an outstanding catch on a 15-yard pass from EJ Manuel. Rogers used his big body to outfight cornerback Ron Brooks for the ball. But then he stood for a moment over Brooks, who had gone to the ground. Marrone came over and talked to Rogers.

    "The thing that concerned me -- and I addressed it with him right after he made a very good catch, then he kind of stood there over a player, and that’s a 15-yard penalty -- that's not what being a pro is, and that's not playing like a Buffalo Bill," Marrone said.

    "I told him, 'Is this going to be something we're going to have to be concerned about with handling any type of success from you?' That’s what I told him. I looked at him in his eye, and he understood that. And it's good to end on a good note cuz now you're excited to see what he can do when we come back to the mandatory minicamps."

    Source: The Redzone

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