Browns Fire New Head Coach Mike Pettine After Sixteen Hours On Job

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    Claiming that the organization needed, “a fresh new approach,” the Cleveland Browns today announced the firing of Mike Pettine, the former defensive coordinator of the Buffalo Bills whom the team hired as their new head coach sixteen hours prior to his termination.

    Pettine departs Cleveland with a lifetime record of 0-0, good enough to make his tenure one of the most successful periods during the past several decades of Browns football.

    “At this time, the Browns franchise has chosen to part ways with Mike Pettine,” said team G.M. Michael Lombardi. “We thank Mike for everything that he’s done during his nearly full-day stay with our team, and we wish him well in all his future endeavors. Unfortunately, we just didn’t see the hour-to-hour improvement that we were looking for.”

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  2. Mike

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    i bought this hook, line, and sinker.....i missed the smack central part
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    When I first saw the headline, I was like..."No way!". Then I made sure to check where it was coming from haha.
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    The bad part is that it's believable
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    So believable that you could buy the story hook line and sinker.
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    lol,ya got me too ward!
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    i actually feel bad for mike.
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    I actually had to double take. I was like "no way!" then I read Mike's post. lol.