Chargers Hire Mike McCoy As Head Coach

Discussion in 'San Diego Chargers' started by Sweets, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Sweets

    Sweets New Member's Albert Breer reports that Mike McCoy has accepted the head-coaching position with the San Diego Chargers. A Broncos team source told Breer that Denver's former offensive coordinator informed the team of his plans Tuesday morning.

    A source briefed on the deal told's Ian Rapoport that the Chargers were in negotiations on Tuesday to make McCoy their next head coach and the successor to Norv Turner.

    The Chargers were in the market for an offensive-minded leader and McCoy fits the bill. San Diego knows him well, having faced Denver eight times during McCoy's four-year tenure with the Broncos. McCoy was lauded for turning Tim Tebow into a playoff starter last season and orchestrated a Peyton Manning-led offense in 2012 that went 13-3 before falling to the Baltimore Ravens in Saturday's stunning divisional playoff.

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  2. 86WARD

    86WARD NFL's Dirtiest Player Staff Member

    Mike McCoy, San Diego Chargers Working On Deal

    Did he make it to Philadlephia for an interview?
  3. Crowned

    Crowned Doesn't give a shit.

    I thought he was going to Philly. I bet me or you [MENTION=1533]86WARD[/MENTION] could go be the OC in Denver next season and Peyton could land us a head coaching job somewhere.
  4. CaptainStubing

    CaptainStubing Gave her a Dirty Sanchez

    if mccoy had a choice of jobs, he may have taken the one where he thought he had the best QB in place............
  5. TheSnowman

    TheSnowman #1 Trap Star

    Its a (much) closer relocation too. Not to mention the weather in southern California.
  6. BoltzRule

    BoltzRule Fans refugee

    Didn't work for Tom Moore.
  7. 86WARD

    86WARD NFL's Dirtiest Player Staff Member

    I don't know...they hire McCoy because he's an offensive minded leader...probably not a better "offensive minded leader" than Norv Turner...

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