Couple Buys Sweater for $0.58, Belonged to Vince Lombardi, Sells for $43K

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    A West Point sweater was purchased from a North Carolina Goodwill store last June for 58 cents. However, it turns out the sweater is worth much, much more.

    Kimberly King of WLOS News 13 has shared Sean McEvoy's incredible story.

    McEvoy and his wife Rikki bought the sweater from the Goodwill store last year and didn't think much of it—until they were watching a documentary on legendary Green Bay Packers coach Vince Lombardi.

    In the documentary, there was a photo of Lombardi wearing a sweater that looked like the one the couple had bought at the Goodwill store. After McEvoy mentioned it to his wife, she told him she had seen a name tag inside the sweater.

    Lombardi. 46.

    The McEvoys contacted the Pro Football Hall of Fame, which wanted them to donate the sweater. Knowing the sweater is worth a nice chunk of change, the couple instead called up Heritage Auctions, which will sell the item on Feb. 21.

    Heritage Auctions estimates the sweater is worth more than $20,000. That's not a bad return on a 58-cent purchase.

    Update: Feb. 22

    According to's Darren Rovell, the sweater sold for $43,020 in an auction in New York City.
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    Pro Tootball Hall of Fame wanted them to donate it?:ROTFLMAO:
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    Nice profit on that old sweater!
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    that is a joke! 20 k for the NFL is like 20 cents for most people.i hope they make a small fortune when they sell it.
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