Derek Smith: The WORST LB in football

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by The Vin, Jun 9, 2007.

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    So everytime I see the casual, homeristic 49er fans they're all raving about the respect and solid leadership of Derek Smith. Mr. "100 tackles" a season and what not. Give me a freaking break. Check this video out:

    Somehow, Derek Smith gets credited for all of these tackles and assists, yet watch the play to which he's attributed. He's never even fully freaking involved in the play. He gets credit for jumping into a pile late or flopping onto someone after another player has done most of the work of making the initial stop. Sometimes he's just riding around on someone or just happens to be in the midst of the play. But being a sure fire finisher in terms of stuffing a play...uhmmm....yeah.......

    This is a freaking joke. Screw Derek Smith.

    Oh and save it with the "wow that song sucks" comments and what not in the background. Just watch the video.
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    tell us something we DONT know.....

    hey, if you guys want him....go ahead be my guest...
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    Damn he sucks!
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    Hey, I saw a post by Tracker getting dissed in there. :lol:
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    I love this vid
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    Funniest vid of all time
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    He was crape when he played for the Redskins. He started life at OLB and could not blitz or rush the passer at all. He was slightly better at MLB but that doesn't take away the fact that he was not missed at all once the Niners took him away in free agency. I guess I should say thank you Niners :p
  8. JordanTaber

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    What's really funny to think about is:

    If you were to take away all of the "tackles-that-weren't"...and then take away all of the tackles he made where he got dragged/driven many would he have left?
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    :wave: Jordan
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    Why won't this guy just go away already?
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    I still stand by that post. I am sure if I had an obsessive man crush like that and a lifestyle that allowed the free time to dig up stats and make compilation videos I could make a convincing video that would make it look like Jose Cortez should be a nominee for the hall of fame.

    As for the video maker he/she can :blow**b:
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    lol Tracker, I'm sure there are still Cortez lovers out there, poor uninformed dweebs that they are..
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    I am currently having Cortez's babies.
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    Hows that working out for you?
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    Keep it up then. How many of the little heckers you got so far?
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    Why Cortez? If your opinion weren't so idiotic, you'd be able to use DEREK SMITH as the example.

    "I could make Derek Smith look like he should be a nominee for the HOF." But you couldn't, because even on the (very rare) plays he makes, he's struggling with all his might...such as when a ball carrier is funneled right into him and stops his feet...Smith will be bear-hugging him while the back has his head in his chest...and he won't go to the ground until help arrives. Maybe my next video will be highlights of that.
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    Hey, it's my doppelganger!

    Why does everyone at .com think I am NCH and NCH is you?
  19. 9erMan

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    Just because some geek with a computer can paste a few video clips together doesn't change the fact that Smith is a good linebacker.

    His numbers say he has been good, his coaches say he has been good and I have seen him play since Jordan Tabor was still wetting his bed at night. Am I supposed to forget all of that because some kid who probably still wets the bed puts 10 clips together to try and make a player look bad?

    Give me a break.
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    Maybe because Nut is in your s/n