Donovin Darius: Hard hitter, high mileage

Discussion in 'Oakland Raiders' started by TDJets72027, Jul 16, 2007.

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    Two years ago, it would have been a perfect match -- Donovin Darius and the Oakland Raiders , one of the hardest hitters in the NFL joining a team with a rough and tumble image. Now, that's a reality. But is it too late? The Raiders signed Darius to a three-year, $7 million contract this week, and coach Lane Kiffin said, "He will be a great fit in our team's philosophy." The part about intimidating and punishing.

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  2. Sweets

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    Yeah, but when do they start shoring up their run defense :huh:
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    Darius should be fine in that D. I wouldn't be shocked if the Raiders D ended up in the top 3 overall in the NFL this year. If they only had an offense....
  4. RedskinsNo.1

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    Yea if they had an offense they could mount a challenge for the AFC West, Thier D is very good
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    Well, Darius is a bit of a run stopper he can't cover so I guess that somewhat helps there run defense.
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    If he can still lay down some hits that is all i care about. I love hard hitters
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    Donovin Darius was supposed to be a major addition to the Oakland Raiders ' defense.

    Just a week after being signed, though, Darius is slowly becoming a growing headache. The addition of the 10-year veteran has sparked a domino effect in the young Raider secondary.

    Darius, who will make a base income of $7.1 million over the next three years, is looking for a position to fill this season. The problem is, they're all filled.