Falcons CB Brent Grimes Says Lack Of Long-Term Deal Won't Be An Isssue

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    As the Brent Grimes’ contract situation played out during the offseason, the Falcons cornerback insists he wasn’t about to worry. The Falcons kept Grimes for another season when they placed the franchise tag on him in March. He will earn $10.281 million this season on a one-year contract. “Honestly, it’s not my problem to deal with,†Grimes said following Saturday’s training camp practice. “I do what I do. I play football. That’s what I have agents for. They call me and tell me what’s going on. Whatever happens, I’m just going to come out and play football. I don’t worry about all that. I just have to worry about covering people.†Hours after the Falcons announced they had placed the franchise tag on Grimes, paying him the average of the top-five salaried cornerbacks in the NFL, his agent said he would not sign the tender. Both sides hoped to work out a long-term deal but Grimes signed the tender in April when such a contract could not be reached. “That’s just how it is,†Grimes said. “You don’t really have to [sign the franchise tag immediately]. It wasn’t like I was drawing a line in the sand. You don’t have to [sign right away] so there wasn’t any need to [sign right away]. I’ve been here for all the OTAs, all the minicamps.â€

    Source: Atlanta Journal-Constitution

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