Falcons Select Troy LB Jonathan Massaquoi (Rd.5, No.164)

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    With the 164th overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft, the Falcons select Jonathan Massaquoi, OLB (Troy). Massaquoi has very long arms, which are a major source of intrigue to NFL talent evaluators. Massaquoi would benefit from staying at end where he can use his arms in tight quarters to keep an advantage on offensive tackles. If he is moved to linebacker, Massaquoi has shown the ability to cover in short areas and fly out to cover the flats and running backs out of the backfield. Massaquoui is a stiff, elongated defender who struggles to move fluidly in space. Off the snap, he doesnÂ’t have the innate burst or speed to get outside of offensive tackles using a speed rush.

    Source: NFL.com

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