Falcons WR Roddy White Says Man Is Holding His Jerseys Hostage

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    Atlanta Falcons Pro Bowl receiver Roddy White says a man he hired to frame football jerseys took the jerseys and won’t give them back. Channel 2’s Kerry Kavanaugh obtained an application for an arrest warrant filled out by White in Gwinnett County. White claims he agreed to pay a man to frame two regular season Falcon game jerseys and his Pro Bowl jersey. White said the men agreed on a price of $400 for each framed jersey, but now the man is asking White for $10,000 and won’t return the jerseys, according to the document. Kavanaugh exchanged text messages with White on Thursday, and the star receiver told her he did not want to make a big deal out of the situation.

    Source: WSBTV-2 Atlanta
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    I've gotten quite a few jerseys framed in my day for my self and previous employer. Dark wood frame, double matt, pressed and sewn in and they were less than $400 a piece. Dude asking for 10 G's is ridiculous...