Florida mull(en) over coaching choice. Now for what’s required.

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    I just got done watching a horrible movie. It featured bad casting in the lead role and shoddy production value. There was limited character development, the dialogue was non-existent and the director was fired right in the middle of filming.

    There were far too many scenes that were simply unwatchable, two that included fabricated death threats and a naked guy humping a shark on a boat.

    This movie was a letdown of epic proportions. It was Ishtar meets Leonard 6. It was the Matrix sequels without the original. It was every movie Wesley Snipes has made in the last twenty-five years.

    This film was called Florida Football’s Dreadfully Long and Excruciatingly Painful 2017 Season.

    Come watch at: http://sportschump.net/2017/11/27/florida-mullen-coaching-choice-now-whats-required/19602/