#FlyEaglesFly: NFC East Champion Eagles React to NFL Playoff Clinching Win

Discussion in 'Philadelphia Eagles' started by Omen, Dec 30, 2013.

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    Eagles players are just a little fired up to be in the playoffs!

    There's nothing greater than seeing your favorite team win, but seeing the players celebrate that victory is pretty close. Without further ado, I give you: NFC East Champion Eagles post-game victory tweets! (And other good ones.)

    Playoffs babyyy!!!! pic.twitter.com/QL5fKS0T9K

    — Matthew Barkley (@MattBarkley) December 30, 2013

    What a beautiful blessing, so proud of this team....#FlyEaglesFly 1 dwn 1 to go.#PhillyStandUp!!!!!!!! http://t.co/kCBGwQzYGj

    Vinny Curry (@MrGetFlee99) December 30, 2013

    NFC EAST CHAMPIONS!!! http://t.co/TPouxsY4gk

    Brandon Boykin (@BrandonBoykin2) December 30, 2013

    NFC East Champions!!! It feels good. I thank God for giving me another opportunity to play next week..can't wait to get back..

    Earl Wolff (@Ewolff28) December 30, 2013

    Division champs!!! Yeah boy. Now @Univ_Of_Oregon needs to get this win then it's a great weekend. @thEMANacho we coming for you!!!

    Patrick Chung (@PatrickChung23) December 30, 2013

    BOOM! NFC east champs! http://t.co/4MrGSVwrru

    Colt Anderson (@AndersonColt) December 30, 2013

    Yo Philly!! Ahhhhhhhhh http://t.co/0VNx52ukeC

    Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    NFC EAST baby! Donnie and Al coming up huge http://t.co/WfiadPkBLB

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    Rushing champ! pic.twitter.com/FOp0jYkuQk

    Trent Cole (@Pro_Hunt58) December 30, 2013

    #Philly juliedorenbos marc_les miss_allisonh tunnel after the game http://t.co/GJHIPFYNP4

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    Just posted a video http://t.co/BZLpSMCMmy

    Bryce Brown (@BryceBrown_34) December 30, 2013

    What a great night! Winning the division and spending time with the family... #Memories http://t.co/miJaiAiptv

    James Casey (@jamescasey85) December 30, 2013

    Ya buddy!! @MikeVick @mattbarkley #phillypride http://t.co/GcdGSsLEab

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    Baller! Specialist with mike Michelson. lauramichelson he's the man! http://t.co/WSDOcPRZYN

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    The tight ends and our QB! NFC EAST CHAMPS!! #playoffbound pic.twitter.com/jIVAT0CtZ2

    Zach Ertz (@ZERTZ_86) December 30, 2013

    Love you juliedorenbos http://t.co/xbXc1mYH3y

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    Deepest RB group in the league #NFCEastChamps pic.twitter.com/BBWdjfeiYm

    Chris Polk (@1ChrisPolk) December 30, 2013

    @jkelce .... Need I say more http://t.co/N4xznS0r6n

    — Jon Dorenbos (@JonDorenbos) December 30, 2013

    Eagles fans we back at what we used to be. Time to make run !!!!!!#EaglesNation #DivisionChampEagles #huntingseason

    — Trent Cole (@Pro_Hunt58) December 30, 2013

    After the game Went Crazy tho We did that NFC east champs !! Philly we bringin it home ...#10modehttp://t.co/g6DwBoiQwV

    — Desean Jackson (@DeseanJackson10) December 30, 2013

    It feels so good to be apart of a great organization. Let's get ready for them saints! This one was for the fans today!

    Brandon Graham (@brandongraham55) December 30, 2013

    Great win , great team win..... We fly high

    — Lesean McCoy (@CutonDime25) December 30, 2013

    Best Rbs in the league , NFC East Champions http://t.co/5faCSffJxb

    Matthew Tucker (@Tuckbeamer) December 30, 2013

    Soooo wer #NFC Champs...not to bad #BlessAllPpl #BinoX http://t.co/nYp8BF36mj

    Roc Carmichael (@BappNAinEZBino) December 30, 2013


    Brian Dawkins (@BrianDawkins) December 30, 2013

    Foles and McCoy are the first duo in NFL history to lead the league in quarterback rating and rushing yards.

    — Brett Strohsacker (@BStrohEagles) December 30, 2013

    Zach Ertz finished the season 36-469-4. His 13.03 YPC are the best since 2000 by a rookie TE with at least 30 catches, beating Gronk.

    — Noah Becker (@Noah_Becker) December 30, 2013

    Nick Foles rocking the NFC East Division Champions T-shirt pic.twitter.com/7mPNfE6v56

    — Les Bowen (@LesBowen) December 30, 2013

    Congratulations Eagles! See you next Saturday night!!

    — Jim Cramer (@jimcramer) December 30, 2013

    Coach Kelly's first-ever NFC East Champs locker room speech. #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/VDRDQoH9PZ

    — Philadelphia Eagles (@eagles) December 30, 2013

    24 hour rule. Celebrate, #EaglesNation! #FlyEaglesFly pic.twitter.com/6Y7syGCMZk

    — Philadelphia Eagles (@eagles) December 30, 2013

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