Free Agent WR Steve Breaston Considering German Treatment For His Knee

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    After two disappointing seasons in Kansas City, receiver Steve Breaston was released by the Chiefs last month and while he met with the Browns and the Steelers recently, he's still a free agent.

    Breaston reportedly said his balky knee feels fine and thinks he could pass an NFL physical despite having early arthritic symptoms, but ESPN's Adam Schefter reports Breaston is considering undergoing the same Regenokine treatment in Germany that helped Kobe Bryant and Alex Rodriguez continue their careers.

    “Breaston believes he could pass a physical now and sign a one-year deal with Pittsburgh, but he is said to be seeking a longer-term solution to his knee problems,â€￾ Schefter writes.

    In the five-day treatment, blood is taken from the patient, and its temperature is raised slightly. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge that makes serum. That orange serum, which is supposed to help with inflammation, is injected back into the patient during a five-day span.

    “If anyone has a joint injury, it's caused and perpetuated by a protein that is inflammatory or destructive," Dr. Chris Renna told the Arizona Republic last August. "The reason it lasts is because the body isn't able to produce the anti-inflammatory proteins. Regenokine is more than enough to stop them."

    Source: CBS Sports
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    Maybe the reason the Steelers and Browns don't have interest at the moment.

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