Impact Wrestling Results for April 20, 2017

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    LAX(c) (Ortiz & Santana w/ Konnan, Homicide, & Diamante) def. Jake Holmes & Joe Coleman (2:36) after the Street Sweeper to retain the tag team championships. After the match, Konnan talked on the mic introducing and putting over LAX until they were interrupted by Decay starting a brawl between the two teams

    Karen Jarrett came to the ring and announced the official merger of Impact Wrestling and Global Force. Karen said tonight would be a night of champions. Sonjay Dutt returned and talked about his history in Impact. Sonjay suggested going back to the roots and making tonight's X Division Championship match the main event and adding him to it because he's come here to do what he's never done, become X Division Champion. Andrew Everett interrupted and told Sonjay that tonight's match is his. Trevor Lee & Gregory Shane Helms came out to question them making decisions. Helms argued that he runs the X Division but Bruce Prichard came out and agreed to make the X Division Championship match a triple threat in the main event. Bruce then decided they would go find three more guys to make it a six way for the title. Lee & Helms then attacked Sonjay & Everett but they fought them off then went face to face over the X title.

    Rosemary(c) def. ODB (3:49) after the Red Wedding to retain the knockouts championship.

    Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell asked Bruce & Karen about who would fill out the 6 way X Title match. Bruce revealed Suicide as the 4th participant. Sienna confronted Karen about all the Global Force guys in the locker room but she hasn't seen the Global Force women's champion. Karen assured that she will be here.

    Kongo Kong (w/ Laurel Van Ness, Sienna, & KM) def. Chris Silvio (1:20) with a top rope splash

    Video aired of Alberto el Patron challenging the winner of Lashley/Storm.

    Backstage McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Magnus, who took offense to Alberto calling himself number one contender and questioning what he's done to deserve it. Magnus argued that he is #1 contender because he's Global Force champion and scored the pin in last week's eight man tag.

    Lashley(c) def. James Storm (17:10) to retain the Impact Worlds Heavyweight Championship with the Spear after Ethan Carter III turned heel and smashed a beer bottle over Storm's head. Lashley came out accompanied by Josh Mathews, who returned to the commentary table for the rest of the show.

    Video aired from Border City Wrestling of Chris Adonis attacking Moose. Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Moose about it. Moose challenged Adonis to a match next week but Adonis interrupted with his arm in a sling, accusing Moose of breaking his arm in an attack. Adonis says he won't be ready next week but knows someone who is as Davey Richards then attacked Moose from behind.

    Low Ki def. Trevor Lee(c)(w/ Gregory Shane Helms), Andrew Everett, Suicide, Dezmond Xavier, & Sonjay Dutt (19:10) with the Warrior's Way on Lee to become the new X Division Champion. After the match, Josh Mathews continued to berate Pope and JB leading to Pope telling him to go to hell and walking away. Josh then goaded JB into hitting him.