Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton Threatened To 'Shoot People'

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    Jaguars DT Terrance Knighton hopes to be ready for his fourth NFL season this fall, but that could be contingent on the outcome of the eye surgery he underwent Sunday and possible league discipline after he purportedly threatened gun violence at a Jacksonville nightclub. Knighton was hit in the face by a bottle of vodka at the venue in question early Sunday morning in an incident he did not initiate, per The Florida Times-Union. However a police report claims Knighton was "involved in a physical altercation" at the club and "repeatedly made threats to shoot people" after being escorted from the premises. The report suggests Knighton was drinking and may have been guilty of "disrespecting a female," which possibly escalated into an argument. The Jags released a statement saying: "We are aware of the incident report regarding Terrance Knighton. We hold all of our players to a high standard of behavior, as does the National Football League. We're concerned about this matter, and it is being handled internally. We'll have no further comment at this time." The Times-Union also reported the condition of Knighton's eye "appeared to be serious" on Monday when he had a post-surgical follow-up. "He's in good spirits," Knighton's mother, Rochelle, told the paper Monday. "I have faith, and I didn't lose my son. So that's really all that matters."

    Source: USAToday
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    Black Panther Party?
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    Dude, he plays for the Jaguars:icon_rolleyes:
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    Baby probably deserved it.
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    :)) man that was funny....Black Panther Party