Jaguars Won't Give In To RB Maurice Jones-Drew

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    Peter King of reports that he does not see the Jacksonville Jaguars buckling to the salary demands of star running back Maurice Jones-Drew. "Listening to the coaches and locals talk about backup back Rashad Jennings, a fourth-year man from Liberty, you'd think he was the starter and Jones-Drew the backup. Jones-Drew's getting older, and he doesn't hit the holes like he used to, etc. Well, the man did win the rushing title by two-and-a-half football fields last year. And he is only 27. But the Jaguars give off the strong impression that if Jones-Drew won't play for at least one of the last two years on his contract (he has salaries of $4.5 million and $4.95 million left), they're going to let him sit and let Jennings carry the majority of the rushing load." It even seems possible that we have seen the last of Jones-Drew in a Jags uniform.

    Source: The Redzone
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    Yes!! Stubborn Saudi ownership! Screw MJD!! Dude got his money, not freaking play. He's not on his rookie salary and makes more than enough money. Shut the heck up and get on the field you greedy piece of crap
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    If that is the case, then MJD will ask to be traded or they will cut him.
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    He is their team.
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