Jay Cutler Returns To Throw 3 TDs, Lead Bears Past Browns

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    Jay Cutler shook off some early rustiness and threw three touchdown passes in his first start since Nov. 10, leading the Chicago Bears to a 38-31 win Sunday over the Cleveland Browns.

    Cutler, who missed Chicago's previous four games with a sprained left ankle, threw a 4-yard TD pass to Earl Bennett with 5:41 left as Bears (8-6) rallied in the second half and stayed in contention for an NFC playoff spot.

    Cutler finished 22 of 31 for 265 yards and validated first-year coach Marc Trestman's decision to stick with him over backup Josh McCown, who had played well while filling in for Chicago's starter.

    Source: http://www.cbssports.com/nfl/gametracker/recap/NFL_20131215_CHI@CLE
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    Missed the game but glad they got the win.
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    He had 2 sloppy interceptions.
    Do bears fans want Cutler long term? or do you guys believe in McCown for one year whilst you guys draft a QB?
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    Wouldn't base a knee jerk reaction for giving up on Cutler from a long layoff from injury & shaky early showing. Wouldn't put him on a pedestal for the win either but still feel like he's an upper tier QB worthy of the money at this stage. He performed well & impressively under pressure from the McCown media/fan crowd & playing behind late.

    If Trestman continues his history of 'QB whispering', there's definitely going to be opportunities to groom a later round QB in the next few years. McCown should be resigned & if he realizes that Trestman's system & this stable of WRs are the reasons why his stock has risen so quickly, he'll not bolt for money elsewhere. There's job security here in Chi-Town...
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    if the bears can win their last 2 games, they actually have a decent shot at winning their division even though the Lions hold the tiebreaker. The Lions could trip up and lose one of their last 3 games.

    However, it's not going to be easy for the bears to win next weekend in prime time at the Eagles. I could see the Lions losing one more game but i'm not sure they will lose 2 of their last 3 so the Bears really need to win out to have a chance at this point.
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    It would be nice for the playoff experience but we're so bad on D that it's like racing to get to your funeral.
  7. Badger

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    As much as Id love to jump all over Cutler for those 2 picks, he did make some pretty sick passes.
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    Go with whats working. Can you imagine if we keep McCown the starter and win the superbowl!!
    I know our defense(well it's not defense)is pathetic at best but sometimes the best defense is a great offense.
    I know it's a strech but hey it could happen.
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    That td pass that he threw jefreies was like a fair catch kick!
  10. Steve12

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    I think cutler could easily be a top 10 quarterback if he gets a whole offseason under Trestman. I think they'll franchise him, he excels next year, then gets his deal.
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