Jets Fans Arrested At Chargers Stadium For Cheering?!

Discussion in 'NFL General Discussion' started by SoDev, Jan 18, 2010.

  1. themush

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    You guys crack me up. Since when do the police need a "reason" to arrest someone?
  2. efunk_adelic

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    honestly... he was probably told to shut up by a stadium official. didn't comply. then was told by those police to come up to the outer stadium. to talk about his behavier in the stands then resisted. Then the video camera came on. now you're watching this part.
    Actually I wanted to punch the guy that wouldn't stop saying "he didn't do anything" how annoying he was... hehe
  3. ollysj

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    I said it a few post above, there is a cut in the video b4 the cops appear and so we didn't knew what happen.
  4. Evaporator

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    cops like that give the good ones a bad name and yes props o the charger fan for standing up and calling it what it is hecked up !!!!!!
  5. efunk_adelic

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    no profanity allowed.
  6. ollysj

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    lol, do you have a cop next to each visitor, to control is? :lol:
  7. SoDev

    SoDev Don't tase me, bro!

    Freaking bitter cat off-duty Charger fan cocksucker of a cop caused this.

    Jets fan arrested after cheering at Chargers game in San Diego -
  8. hermhater

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    Glad the Chargers are giving me more and more reason to hate their city and organization.
  9. pctrips

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    I actually like the city :)
  10. Sweets

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    Bullcrap, here's what happened...

    A rabid Jets fan ticked off the wrong person -- an off-duty San Diego cop -- by loudly cheering his team's playoff upset Sunday against the Chargers.

    In what has become a YouTube sensation, several San Diego officers are seen roughly handcuffing New York native Bill Carroll for allegedly being drunk and resisting police, he said he had just three beers over four hours and cops refused to let him take a Breathalyzer test to prove he was sober.

    Carroll -- who had been shouting "J-E-T-S, Jets! Jets! Jets!" near the off-duty officer -- told The Post yesterday, "I wasn't doing anything wrong. I was just watching the game, Assistant Police Chief Bob Kanaski -- insisting "we don't arrest people for cheering for their teams" -- said Sgt. Jeff Sterling approached Carroll after the off-duty cop sent a text message reporting a drunk causing a disturbance.

    Read more: Jets fan arrested after cheering at Chargers game in San Diego -

    So an off duty cop is pissy because his freaking team is losing so he text messages that a Jets fan is drunk and his "friends" just handcuff him and he misses the game, what a freaking crock. It's good to know that the San Diego police can't handle their team losing, talk about using your authority for ridiculous reasons.
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  11. Omen

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    props to the dude for defending the jets fans...........

    this sucks for the other dude that got arrested
  12. Sweets

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    How great would it be if the Jets go to the Super Bowl...heck San Diego Police Department
  13. efunk_adelic

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    we've (my family) seen so many things happen over the years... of course nobody is perfect. I don't find anything wrong with cheering for your team.. shame on some of you thinking that Charger fans are not good sportsmen. Fights happen whether it's here or anywhere else. Cops do what they have to do so things don't get out of hand.
  14. ollysj

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    There wasn't a fight or the surrounding Chargers fans would not had defend him.

    btw, I don't think you're bad sportsmen, but this really sucks
  15. Sweets

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    The cops are the doofus' in this hecked up scenario, the fact that the off duty cop was pissed off enough to text message a lie to his "brothers" because a Jets fan was having fun and his team was winning speaks volumes about the priority of police business, I'm sure there were actual laws being broken somewhere other than in that row of seats.
  16. ollysj

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    It's police arbitrarily...
  17. efunk_adelic

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    maybe he should have fun quietly... lmao

    I agree with everyone this wasn't cool.

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    thanks for the compliment... but I did have a moment where I almost lost it...haha
  18. ravenfan52

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  19. SoDev

    SoDev Don't tase me, bro!

    It's be nice if you could actually trust cops... but it's just more bullcrap... of course they say that... and when they are speeding with their siren and lights off and kill half your family in an accident they will find a reason you were at fault there too. Like you said... for some reason the off-duty cat texted his friends, and for some reason a Chargers fan put his butt on the line to defend that Jets fan. I doubt he would do that unless he really felt that Jets fan was being wronged. Nine times out of ten the home fan would be laughing at the opposing teams fan getting arrested, especially if his team was losing and said fans was cheering loudly.
  20. hermhater

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    Why isn't the NFL releasing any tape of the occurrence?

    Surely they had a camera man pointed at the Jets fan screaming "JETS" as they were beating the Dolts.