Lions WR Nate Burleson Advises Jahvid Best To Shut It Down

Discussion in 'Detroit Lions' started by SRW, Feb 19, 2013.

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    Despite no formal announcement out of Allen Park, there is the overwhelming sense that the Detroit Lions are in the market to replace running back Jahvid Best.
    And that's OK with teammate Nate Burleson. He'd rather see his friend grow old than risk his life to play football.

    "I spoke to him last season," Burleson recalled in an appearance on NFL Total Access Monday night. "Jahvid could have easily been one of the best running backs to put on a Lions jersey. He's that type of player."

    Burleson's use of the past tense was palpable. Everyone at home and in the studio caught it.

    "The reason I'm talking in past tense is because he's dealing with a different type of concussion," Explained Burleson, who - in another sign that Best is perhaps finished with football - made a public push Monday morning for the services of free agent running back Reggie Bush. "He didn't have a ton of them, but the ones that he did have, they were really powerful and they affected him.

    "In conversations with him, he was able to tell me that he wasn't sure if he was going to decide to come back and play the game that he loves so much, he's so young, or if he's going to decide to chalk it up. Being a guy that loves him as an individual versus him as a player, I just told him honestly man, I'd rather see you healthy at 65 than healthy at 25."

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    He's got a point. But the desire to make that kind of money must make this a hard decision.
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    He's young enough to take a new path in life. Strive for a new career. I don't know his educational background but possibly go back to school.

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    He should go into something related to the game like coaching or scouting, so he still is connected to the game. But his concussions were obviously severe enough that no doctors will sign off on him playing
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    If doctors will not clear Best to play, what other choice does he really have?

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