My Quest For 16 Games Attended Complete... Pics Inside!

Discussion in 'San Francisco 49ers' started by Fricker 4, Jan 12, 2008.

  1. Jammin Jaguar

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    Count yourself lucky eaglesrule4ever, I've only ever been to one NFL game; The game at Wembley between the Dolphins and Giants. How crap the game was too.
  2. Platoon 86

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    Very cool, Fricker, great pics. Too bad the season wasn't too good for us.
  3. steadypimpin

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    Good job! That is so cool bro. I wish i could do that crap. I try and make 1 a year.
  4. DawkinsINT

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    Very cool. How did you swing a field pass to all the games?
  5. Flaxe1

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    I've only been to one Packer game ever (Packers and Raiders this year) and to multiply that by 16..truly a dream come true
  6. PSblackVTR

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    Well done, man. I'd love to do go to all reg season games. I have the same amount of games as Jammin and that's coz it came to London, lol. I am going to try and get to a Jags game either in the 08 season but more likely the following year.
  7. tigersucs

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    Great pics Fricker.
  8. Fricker 4

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    Ahhh i didnt get a field pass to all the games, i only got a field pass to the

    @Atlanta in the georgia dome.

    and the Week 15 Home game vs the bengals on NFL network.

    The pass was given to me by 49ers Owner John York. He isnt as bad as everyone tries to make him out to be. He is a very cool person and respects the fans. Usually before all the games he comes down early and hands out pins takes pictures with the fans and what not. The atlanta game he went to give me a pin and i told him no thank you. I said give it to some one else who hasnt gotten one. He questioned me, thats when i told him that i was attending all 16 games living in Texas and that he had already given me a pin in St Louis. He said are you alone?? I was like ya i am and he directed me away from the rest of the crowd and said here and gave me a field pbutt.

    I always would get to the games 2 hours early mainly so i could take pregame pictures while they are warming up. But i would make it a point to just get ahold of him. That way my quest for 16 could be validated. Anyone can say i went to all 16 and have ticket stubs. But i had the Owner of the 49ers verify after every game/ But ya it was definately a great ride.

    Thanks for all the great comments guys, it was indeed a dream come true. Food and travel and hotels was expensive but i didnt keep toll on it since i didnt have plans of it being in my last game sign.
  9. DoubleC

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    Just seen this thread... What a trip!
    Congrats Fricker. Love the pics!

    But Jeff Ulbrich is just ugly with that blond mohawk.
  10. HailttRedskins

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    Great Pictures Man!
  11. 49erGenius

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    :icon_eek: I'm shocked that John York claims to be nice, and look at the situation today on the team. That was a good experience for you, too bad some of the games in SF were obviously not sold out, yet York probably made sure just to get the TV revenue by falsifying the fan count. Are you going to go for it again? You should get some good experiences in the Buffalo/Miami road games I believe.
  12. Fricker 4

    Fricker 4 Crabtree fall to 10

    i am contiplating doing it all again. But at the same time i am thinkin about just renewing my season tickets, going to most of them. And going to most of the away games prob like 13-14, only games i might miss are the one after thanksgiving and after xmas cuz those days were hell to fly on. Now that i have completed the quest. I can be less stress free about it. I will def goto, Giants game again, @cards, and i want to goto buffalo and miami ( both 2 stadiums i havent been to yet.) but ill have to decide on whether i want to goto the seattle game and st louis game again. Seattle was fun, but st louis was kinda boring. I am not a huge fan of dome football. But ya ill just do same as last year and play it all by ear.
  13. nastynate184

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    that is awesome dude i only wish to do something like that like everyone else on here. i usually try to get to one game a year