NFL Online Game Will Debut In September

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    According to Ian Rapoport of the Boston Herald, before the draft was named a spokesman for the football online game Quick Hit, a free-to-play browser-based game. A few minutes ago, the company announced that it has reached a multi-year licensing agreement with the NFL. With the Madden franchise only console-based, this makes Quick Hit the only NFL-licensed product in the gaming space for computers. They can use logos, uniforms, helmets, etc., but not yet all the players because the company doesn’t have a deal with the NFLPA. Starting in 2010, the suddenly authentic game will feature Moss and a few other players, coaches such as Bill Cowher and Brian Billick, along with legends such as Barry Sanders and Randall Cunningham. “It’s cool because this licensing positions Quick Hit as the first mover in this space, the social game, free-to-play space,â€￾ CEO Jeffrey Anderson said “It’s authentic football.â€￾

    Source: Boston Herald
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    i was a beta tester for quick hit and i didn't like it
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    Yeah... it was designed more as an MMORPG more than an actual football game. I thought it was okay, definitely wouldn't pay for it though.