Norv Turner Says Browns Are 'Going To Attack' On Offense

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    The words attack and offense weren't often used together to describe the Cleveland Browns in 2012. Under former offensive coordinator Brad Childress, the Browns' offense ranked 25th in the league in total yards (314.3 per game) and 24th in points scored (18.9 per game).

    Childress was let go at the end of last season along with former coach Pat Shurmur. New offensive coordinator Norv Turner is looking to turn Cleveland's offense into an attacking one. Turner was hired in January by new coach Rob Chudzinski.

    "We're trying to create a mindset, from an offensive standpoint, that we're going to go attack," Turner said, via the Browns' team website. "Coach Chudzinski stood up in front of our team, and if he said it once, he said it 25 times in the last seven weeks: 'We are going to be an attacking team. We're going to attack on defense. We're going to attack on offense. We're going to attack in the kicking game.' I want to attack, and I want to go, but we've got to get good."

    "From an offensive standpoint, we have a lot of very young, talented players, guys that played quite a bit of football last year," Turner said. "All those guys having a year together, including Brandon having a year playing, will help them a great deal. Josh (Gordon) has had a year. Greg Little's had a year. Trent (Richardson)'s had a year. Some of the other guys have had some exposure. All of those things have to be what help us get better."

    Source: CBS Sports

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