Patriots Owner Says Tom Brady, Bill Belichick Combo Is Best Ever

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    New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said Monday at the NFL's annual meeting that he doesn’t answer to Tom Brady. Tuesday, Kraft was much more flattering toward the quarterback who agreed to restructure his deal to help free salary-cap space this year.

    In fact, Kraft went as far as to say that Brady is the greatest quarterback in NFL history, for good measure, Kraft said that Brady's coach, Bill Belichick, is the greatest ever at his job.

    “I don’t think there’s been one in the history of the NFL—I think we’re privileged to have, probably, the finest coach and the finest quarterback, and we happen to have them at the same time,†Kraft told Pro Football Talk and NBC's Mike Florio. “It’s going to be hard to win continuously without a good coach and a good quarterback. Next season, please God, will be our 20th season (owning the Pats). And we’ve hired two coaches in that time—two head coaches (Belichick and Pete Carroll)—and we’ve had two quarterbacks start (regularly) for our team in those 20 seasons (Brady and Drew Bledsoe).â€

    Brady moved around money in his deal to help New England re-sign other players, such as Welker, who eventually signed with the Denver Broncos. Kraft said Monday that there was never a guarantee that Brady's move would secure a Welker deal.

    "I don't answer to Tom Brady," Kraft said. "He's an important member of the team and we've chatted. He did what he did to put us in the best position to build a team around him and win games. … He never put a demand or expected anything when he did what he did."

    Source: Sporting News
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    Geee...I thought he was going to say Roethlisberger and Tomlin was the best...

    Sporting News can't find something else to fill their pages with?!?
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    Parcells and Bledsoe are pissed

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    Walsh Montana?

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