Peyton Manning Shows His True Colors

Discussion in 'NFL Smack Central' started by SRW, Nov 13, 2007.

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    Watch the video at the end. It part of what shows what Florio is talking about:

  2. I bleed Sooner red

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    This article is complete bias by some guy that doesn't like Manning. Get over it. Manning admitted how horribly he played and was upset they didn't pull it out.
    This guy just wants Peyton to say he is awful and get it over with.
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    So I'm not the only one that sees the ridiculous bias there.
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    Either that or the three of us are insane.
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    That article is a hecken joke....every player in the league wants to win and at times will question decisions made by the coaching staff. He didn't do it publicly, a camera just happened to be on him. Not an issue! Most teams in the league would love to have Manning.
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    Screw Manning.

    Heres to a 7-9 season...
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    He can voice a opinion. But he didn't have to do it on camera.

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    Dungy admitted it was a bad move,but throwing 6 interceptions earns you the STFU Award.
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    crap article - crap thread. lock it & ban the author. :icon_cool:
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    seconded well said