Philly vs. Bengals vs. Cardinals the 3-0 teams

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    Hermhater would have instantly denied that he is a kid toucher. He was all about the ladies of the board (when we had some). This ram29jackson fella didn't deny his proclivities towards young gentlemen.

    Deductive reasoning concludes that ram29jackson is not hermhater, but instead a guy that loves touching young boys.
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    See, now THAT'S a wild unfounded theory based entirely on conjecture and subjectiveness that actually seems entirely reasonable.
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    Dawk already answered why he didn't deny his nambla love. Ain't no ladies here no mo.
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    I don't think he's active enough to be Hermhater.
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    That dude Sweets wrapped them all up and took all the wimmins home.
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    Ward droppin' troof !!