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    My league is trying out something new this year for our draft order. Picking which spot we'd like to draft based on last years' standings. I have the second choice and would like to ask the community for advice...

    We're a 10-team PPR league with 1QB, 2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex, 1 TE. The player who got first place last year is picking 2nd so out of the remaining 9 possible choices, where should I draft?
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    There is only a handful of league winning PPR running backs that are true 3 down backs. You want one of these backs!! If you don't have an idea of what your league members are going to draft I recommend you pick as soon as possible to ensure you get a top tier RB. On the other hand.. if you trust some mid 1st round options at RB then you could set your slot to 5th. The 5th spot gives you some time to think about your next draft pick, valuable research time once you get past the 3rd round.

    Let's say it's the 6th round and you don't have a QB yet. There was a run on QB in the 5th round and you're wondering if you can wait one more round before picking a QB. If you're picking from the 5th position you can look ahead and see which teams still need quarterback. If it's 2 teams that need QB ahead of you, then you may feel you can wait, since there are 3 solid quarterbacks remaining. Make sense?

    In any event here is my best advice for the draft this year.

    1. RB is very very thin.. I'd draft RB in round one for sure and probably round 2.
    2. WR is extremely deep. You could easily wait until the 3rd through 6th rounds to fill 2 or 3 WR slots.
    3. Lots of "what if" running backs and tight ends available mid and late in the draft. This is where you'll find your starting TE (Cooks, Fleener, ASJ, Henery, Bennett, Doyle, Fiedorowicz, Allen, Thomas (reconnected with Gase just like Cutler).. I mean seriously wait at TE.
    4. After the 8th round (and beyond) you'll want to draft a couple more RB's on top of the two you took in the first three rounds.. looking for Doug Martin, Perkins, Samaje Perine, Kareem Hunt (huge camp battle), Powell, Marlon Mack if he performs well in week 3 preseason - watch his pass protection.. this list will fluctuate as the preseason unfolds.

    So back to which spot to draft from. If you want sure fire fighting power then take the first pick. Watch the news about Elliott, he could be suspended, who knows.. I like David Johnson - obviously - and if you had him last year you probably won your league. He's not a flash in the pan one year wonder and I think he's the most sure fire pick in this years draft at RB.

    I'm passing on Bell as a top 3 back, just because I don't like him returning from injury.
    Elliot could be suspended.. so that knocks him down too until we know for sure.
    McCoy I like but only if I miss on Bell and David and only if I'm drafting past the 5th pick.
    Howard is a no go, don't trust him yet at his current ADP, which is probably dumb.
    Freeman is in a new system, high risk and reward there. A lot of people smarter than me think he's the best thing since sliced bread and he just signed a contract extension making him the highest paid RB. He will probably be on the board if you take the 5th draft position.
    Gordon could drop into your lap at the tail end of round one.. if he did I'd pounce as early as the 5th pick, like I said, 3 down PPR backs are rare.

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    Wow, thank you very much for the response!
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    man scratch Samaje Perine from the list and add Rob Kelly. Samaje Perine was so lost last night, they anit fixing that in 60 days.