QB John Brantley Decides To Remain A Gator

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    Gators QB John Brantley plans to finish his collegiate career at Florida, his father said today. The Brantleys, who have been considering other schools for at least a month, have not met with new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis, but John Brantley is enrolled at Florida for the semester and “excited†about the team’s new pro-style offense. “This is what we would have sought out if we had looked to move on, but it came to us,†John Brantley III, the father, said. “Johnny’s looking forward to the challenge. “Once they said there was going to be a pro-style, transferring wasn’t even a question.†Brantley III said his son is “excited†about the team switching from Urban Meyer’s spread-option to Weis’ pro-style offense. The spread-option was “the only reason we wanted to transfer.†Brantley started all 13 games for Florida last season, but took 40 percent of the snaps or fewer in the final two games.

    Source Palm Beach Post
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    Seriously like the Gators need him more then he needs them? Shut up and prove you are the QB everyone thought you were.

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