Raiders QB Jason Campbell Shrugs Off Potential Quick Hook

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  1. With the Raiders having already made two in-game switches on the basis of performance this year with quarterback Jason Campbell in favor of Bruce Gradkowski, he could be forgiven for looking over his shoulder if he gets off to a slow start. Not that he’s going to admit it. “We’re at home, and the main thing about it is we just need to bring the energy into our stadium, no matter what’s going on. I feel like, for the most part in this season, I had a pretty good year, and hey, we lost two tough games, but that happens,’’ Campbell said when asked directly if he feared getting a quick hook. “the main thing is you’ve got to push forward and keep winning and understand we’re still in the fight.’’ Coach Tom Cable said Campbell understands the job description. “He and I, we talk all the time,’’ Cable said. “We talk about a lot of things all the time. He is OK with where we’re going and what we’re doing and he understands it’s the job. It comes with it.’’

    Source: Oakland Tribune
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