Ravens OT Bryant McKinnie Owes $4.3 Million On Lockout Loan

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    During the NFL lockout last year, there were a number of players who took out high interest, risky loans, Baltimore Ravens lineman Bryant McKinnie took a huge gamble on the eve on the 2011 NFL lockout and now he owes more than $4.3 million according to TMZ.com. McKinnie was a member of the Minnesota Vikings and in February 2011, he took out a $4 million personal loan with Pro Player Funding(PFF) which specialized in "lockout loans" for NFL players. The loan was very high risk with high interest rates and a clause that allowed PPF to call in the entire amount due if Bryant missed one payment and that's exactly what happened in August 2011 right after the lockout ended and Bryant was cut from the Vikings. According to documents, McKinnie had directed his paychecks to go directly from the Vikings to PPF., but when Bryant was fired and the paychecks stopped, he never arranged for PPF to get its payments and he missed his August bill. PPF instantly went to the court and obtained a judgment against McKinnie ordering him to pay back his entire loan plus interest totaling $4.3 million.

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    they make a lot ............ but they spend a lot too
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    Wow, that sucks. Seriously though 4.3m should not be a lot to them.
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    Fat butt needs off season work outs to keep the weight down in order to continue to cash game checks.

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