Ravens SS Bernard Pollard Says NFL Won't Exist In 20-30 Years

Discussion in 'Baltimore Ravens' started by SRW, May 4, 2012.

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    Ravens safety Bernard Pollard is known as a hard hitter and an outspoken critic of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, so it's probably no surprise that he believes football is a violent sport and that he decries the suspensions handed down by the NFL for the Saints role in the bounty program. And when speaking with the J&R show on SportsRadio 610 in Houston on Friday, he went off on a variety of topics and seemed to condone paying players to injure opponents. “Who cares if he did say he was going to give somebody $10,000?â€￾ Pollard said, most likely referring to the year-long suspension of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma. “Who cares? it's out of his pocket. He didn't take it from the team's money. He didn't take it from somebody else's money. It was his pocket.â€￾ More from Pollard, who said he didn't believe football would be in existence in 20-30 years: “If somebody is going to get a knockout shot, OK, at some point somebody is going to get hit anyway. If you end up getting knocked out because you're trying to get a knockout shot, it's either kill or be killed. Which one are you going to do? This is football. It's not powder puff. When Nike unveiled their new uniforms, I'm surprised they didn't have flags on the side. This is what needs to be right now. You're taking away the game of football. If a quarterback throws an interception, get his butt down or run to the sidelines. If you're going to try to make a tackle, I'm going to look for you. I promise you I'm going to look for you.â€￾

    Source: CBS Sports
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    well, pollard, you may be right. however, it's not going to be roger goodell that ruins the league. it's your peers and their lawsuits that are going to take it down.

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